A tale of VERO, rivalry, false trademark claims and eBay

A post from 2013 detailing how one eBay user was pushed out of business due to a rivals false trademark claims and abuse of eBay’s VERO program. It basically points out eBay don’t even bother to check if the so called rights owner is the rights owner and leaves you with no way to appeal basically washing there hands of there matter and telling you to sort the issue out with the person/company making the claims, can see that ending well…

ebay, vero, trademark, claim, copyright, item take down

eBay law supersedes earth law!

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Stupid eBay or stupid users?

Stumbled upon a blog post by someone upset with eBay so we are going to mirror it and link it, its quite interesting in that its calling you stupid if you still sell on eBay, depends on how you look at that. It covers some of the more hidden parts of the eBay user agreement and how they have basically been twisted to benefit eBay and screw you at whatever cost. From what I can make out the post is from September 2013, I assume these parts are still in the agreement or reworded because these things still go on and are still complained about today.


Link : http://readthisshit.com/stupid-eba/#.VQSL3tKsXw0

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Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

Random collection of users thoughts on eBay/PayPal gathered up from various places wherever eBay just happened to be mentioned, maybe its worth noting that in any totally unrelated forum post, thread, email at any point someone mentions eBay or PayPal a crap load of stories start coming out from random users, what does that tell you? The original thread could have been about how to shave a cat, but the min eBay somehow works its way in there everything goes to sh*t.


eBay fan art

There are tales where paypal freeze your account for upto 180 day, and the can because you agree to it when you sign up.

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When is a Top Rated seller not a Top Rated seller?

I was sent a little bit of info via the messaging system regarding eBay’s “Top Rated Seller” award program and its effects on listings. eBay promise “increased visibility” for your items in the best match category however theres a slight catch the listing must offer free postage it seems and also comply with some other listing stuff. Now why is this a problem you ask? well 2 things…

1) You worked hard for that badge it won’t show up on the all your listings.

2) If you add the postage cost into the end cost of item and mark it up as free postage eBays final value fee % payment increases.

eBay are basically taking a cut of the postage by forcing you to list this way, Which means more $ for eBay and less for you. Not really a good thing that is it.

ebay top rated seller scam dsr feedback

Proud to be… eBay bent over.

Classic eBay “send a photo of the item scam” still alive and well (Apple Mac scam)

From todays Daily Mail. The classic bid on item, win it for stupid low price, get sent a photo of the item. This scam is older than eBay, yet still manages to work very well, popping up from time to time. A bad seller will put a tiny disclaimer somewhere in the listing that it is really for a picture/photo/artist rendition of the item. Way back it used to be hidden using clever HTML and Java to cover it up when eBay used to allow scripts and things in ads.


Link : www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2939440/Surfer-duped-eBay-scam-selling-board-help-buy-300-laptop-sent-photograph-computer.html

Some traffic analysis, shows not much changes in the world of eBay

Every now and again we take a quick look at the analytics for the site as they tend to reveal some interesting information in what eBay & PayPal have been doing to people, its all revealed in what they search for sadly.

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Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

A small collection of thoughts on eBay/PayPal that have been recently gathered up from various threads some from eBay’s own forums, which don’t stay on there too long as you can guess. Again the same old stories crazy fees and buyers lies along with no support from eBay.

ebay sales numbers falling sellers leaving

Clueless as usual

Back in the day eBay was awesome. Now it’s just a front for actual stores/small businesses. The normal person can’t use it for what it was originally intended. Plus, they nickel & dime you to death.
They can go fuck themselves.

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Random search terms for today

Looking thru the stats and noticed some odd search terms so thought I would put them up here.

  • chinese ebay alternative
  • nokia+brick+phone
  • Amazon Local Daily Offer
  • anyone opened paypal dispute pram

A Chinese eBay alternative with all the Chinese crap on every eBay site you would think they would not need to go no where else. Sites traffic shows a steady increase yet again, with a short spike for yesterday, theirs always a spike when a major eBay issue or change comes along.

Collection of comments from PayPal users. There thoughts on PayPal

A collection of random comments from PayPal showing there own users thoughts on PayPal. One of the most common themes is that people only use PayPal because they have no choice, that’s not a very good way of cementing customer loyalty, there only using you but they hate you, the minute a alternative comes along your users will run.



It doesn’t matter one bit if you could prove you were wronged in court; they have their own self-made laws and live in their own little reality.

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A few interesting search terms

A few interesting search terms have popped up this week in relation to eBay.

  • ebay new top rated seller requirements are too high
  • ebay mc999
  • ebay seller sent a empty box
  • iphone ebay scam

There was a few search’s relating to the new seller requirements that were bought in this month, from what I have seen it has even managed to remove a few top rated sellers who have done absolutely nothing wrong. MC999 is the typical warning form for listing violations and usually makes little sense. As usual when eBay change something there’s a increase in traffic to sites like this I wonder why that is…

Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

Every time I gather up a pile of random comments from a thread, story or article the comments about eBay/PayPal are usually around 90-95% negative, this is happening over and over again. How eBay are managing to stay afloat when it seems 90% of there users hate them is beyond me. 2 of the most common complaints seem to be eBay’s taking a cut of postage via eBay AND then PayPal too, also buyers who don’t pay who then start up cases in revenge.

All aboard! the eTantic!

All aboard! the eTantic!

By far the least trustworthy party on eBay is eBay themselves…..

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Short story on eBay’s latest price hike.

Some information about another eBay fee increase. The gap between fee increases is getting alot shorter these days. Some of these increases just make no sense and some are just over the top £1 for a subtitle?

I think what might have really p*ssed people off this time was the fee increase came the same day the site crashed bad, obviously money was being well spent on the backend there…

ebay fees, increase, paypal charges increase, 2014

Don’t make that face you love it!

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Coincidental advert on eBay related story?

Just thought this was amusing considering eBay’s stance on paying there bills…

ebay tax dodge, scam, hmrc, powersellers, top rated seller


Click for a high res copy

Comments from a story about ‘eBay millionaires’

Interesting story in the DailyMail a paper in the UK about a group of people who are eBay millionaires, about as likely as winning the lottery if the comments are anything to go by. We have mirrored them here, some are quite interesting from companies who wish to dump eBay even though there making £1000′s a week,  which just go to show how bad this situation is getting. The new “your paying for returns” has been mentioned as a factor also which is showing some people might actually read those eBay emails. I went thru ALL the comments (to try and paint a unbiased picture) on the story and there was only 2/3 on eBay’s side, game over.

ebay millionaires, ebay scammers, ebay powersellers

About as likely as a lotto win.

“It’s not if they screw you its when.”

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Has it got this hard to find eBay’s details Google has it listed?

I have no idea how this happened just a random Google looking for eBay related things and this happened :



I presume that number is for the US as adding “France, Germany, UK” you do not get the same result.

Story from a eBay ‘Top Rated Seller’

Little bit of a story from a eBay TSR (Top Rated Seller) that shows just how fast eBay can knock you right off and back into nothing at any time, in this case in less than 3 weeks. It also shows eBay’s varying interpretations of there own rules at different times of the day…

ebay top rated seller problems sales down vero issue

You don’t earn it, unless we want you to.

eBay has A lot of there policy violations and shut downs done by automatic bots with no human involvement .
For this reason I would suggest follow the rules and never go buy what a customer service rep tells you because they won’t be there when you get shut down permanently .

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A few random stories from users about PayPal (user horror stories)

Here are few random random quotes/stories from users about there PayPal experience. US and UK PayPal users comments are here, there is even a comment from a (ex?) PayPal employee.


 ”Paypal is well known for freezing accounts for any reason and for inconsistently applying their own rules.”

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eBay password mess continues… your worth about 2p to eBay…

The eBay password mess rolls on it seems, after being quiet for about a week while this story was making the news, front page of papers, TV & radio and wherever, eBay have finally made the users change their passwords. In this case its too little too late, the passwords are the least of your worries if the attackers got there hands on everything else eBay has on you. Now a story from the Daily Mail in the UK is hinting at eBay UK’s possible fine from the Information Commissioner could only amount to roughly 2p per customer which would take about 0.0002% of eBays tax dodging profits away… (await the increase in fees to cover it)

ebay hack password change scam phish

Whatever the size of the fine it won’t be paid by eBay, 12.5% FVF should solve that little problem.

- Everyone it seems…

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eBay seller sells a phone, buyer sends back different phone, still gets refund

Another common story, and very common with nice phones it seems. A seller sold a phone (a Nexus 4), buyer opens a case saying the phone he got sent did not work, buyer makes stupid threats (“I haz yo phone book!” basically), eBay sides with the buyer, the buyer sends back some piece of crap.

“So, as far as I can tell..you can buy something on ebay..say it’s not a described. Get your money back, take a shit in a box and send it back to the seller..and there’s nothing they can do.”

- The seller

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Not as described.. it is if you can read! (eBay user horror story)

Same old, same old, the never ending story this one. eBay buyer, buys a item claims it is “not as described” opens a dispute, the seller loses. Why you ask? because the seller clearly put in his listing what the item was for and the buyer bought it for a incompatible (in this case a phone add on). eBay says thats ok though and sides with the buyer. From the amount of these stories you would think no one on eBay could actually read.

ebay not as described phone scam

Go read first it might help.

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Crazy seller threatens to go to buyers house over headphones… (eBay user horror story 05/14)

Heres a story about a seller, and 1 of the few that screwed eBay up by going that bit too far. In this case we have a buyer who purchased something, never got it, started a case up, the seller then sends the item (they did AFTER the case), eBay sides with the buyer in the case and refunds the buyer, the seller then threatens to go to the buyers house and get his money. The seller did actually send the item as the buyer noticed the date on the postmarked stamp was after the case was closed. 3 weeks to ship the item. Total mess this.

ebay seller threatens to come to buyers house

Close enough, the message is correct though.

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Amazon A to Z guarantee returned item scam

Found this little bit of info from a while ago. Part of Amazons terms which basically gives you a free ride to scam whatever you want from Amazon marketplace sellers but not from Amazon in house sales. Basically you can get a refund weather you return the item or not. Think about that…

amazon guarantee marketplace scam

Checkout everything and never pay ever. A to Z guarantee!

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PayPal user horror story with a twist (1 of there own exec’s)

Randomly strolling through a newspaper and found this ’No excuses, zero tolerance’: PayPal exec FIRED after bizarre late-night Twitter rant against colleagues he had known for less than two months . Rakesh ‘Rocky’ Agrawal only worked at PayPal for 2 months, for some reason decided to go on Twitter rant about the company and people who worked there. He was the strategy manager and from what I can see not a good one at that, with this latest tactical move…

paypal user horror story exec drunken twitter rant fired

Zero tolerance when it affects them, for everyone else well..


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Users comments on the wonder that is eBay

Here are a few user comments from 04/02/14 which were posted on a thread about the eBay alternative eBid. The amount of likes and reposts these comments were getting lead me to believe all is not as it seems over at the eBay wonderland, these are comments from eBay sellers and buyers a sad state of affairs and some good points, some small scam story’s in there too. Out of the 13 pages I went through every post was a bad one, one after another, there might have been 2/3 eBay fan posts in the lot.

ebay sellers fees not happy scam rip off

Time is running out

Source :
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Good old “send a photo instead” eBay scam

A scam that happens all too over, you think your buying a item but get a photo of that item, happens all the time Apple stuff, high end phones, electronics don’t really matter its just a photo. Buried somewhere in the title, description will be “photo” and the hope is that someone will bid up and buy it without thinking which is the very nature of eBay buyers they never read the listings (legitimate or not) he will get his money back via the buyer protection, but it goes to show that buyers need to be more aware. The item used in this scam is a Xbox One console.


Link: http://swns.com/news/father-paid-450-ebay-scam-xbox-received-photo-console-41174/

Returning items when they have been used for the wrong thing?

Work this out, a buyer buys a dog collar but has no dog, they bought it to wear on there head, they now want to return it, but the seller has a no returns policy and how are you going to return a item you bought and used the wrong way? who is at fault here? The stories comments generally point to “you cant win” “ebay will screw you” “pay up”

ebay dog collar return scam no returns emo goth

I here there looking for one of these too.


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PayPal user horror story (part of anyway)

Came across a story this morning where a guy lost the $50K Twitter account “@N” a one letter user name account. I know it involves Twitter, GoDaddy mainly but the attacker who stole the account was able to get PayPal employees to just randomly hand him bits of info (credit cards, account passes) over the phone, pretending to be a PayPal employee at one point (to another PayPal employee you would think they had a check for that), so I thought it was relevant to post it up as it shows PayPal’s total stupidity also eventually the attacker explains how he was able to abuse PayPal to obtain the info he needed to get thru to GoDaddy and carry on his antics.

paypal phish card fraud visa mastercard credit card bank details theft

Phone PayPal get someones ID easier than you think.



Update :


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Pre-release item listed, sold and out of dispute range?

Quite a strange one but I can see how it could happen, a seller listed in this case some baseball cards which had not yet been released, when the buyer won the item they would get it when it was released, however the time frame between the buyer winning the item and the item actually being released and then add in the suspended seller pushed the buyer over the time limit for a dispute. I am sure eBay has controls in place for this, I have seen warnings when new games consoles came out and Apple gadgets so I assume theirs something.

ebay pre release item scam dispute paypal

eBay losing its colours?

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Some quotes and other ramblings from the people in charge of eBay (2002-2014)

Here is something I stumbled across, it seems to be a collection of quotes and random ramblings from the people who run eBay. It has links, sources, and extracts to back up these claims, alot of time has gone into this article other the years with updates and loads of detail, you will need alot of time to read it. The article seems to go all the way back to 2002 and the last revision was 6/1/2014. You can see that the people who run eBay might as well be on another planet from there ramblings there seem very disconnected from reality, but we all knew that anyhow.

ebay ceo management quotes

“Not as described 1 x mind”

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Article from DailyMail about eBay/PayPal (mostly it seems)

Article from the DailyMail (30/11/13) about a woman who got scammed for a pram on eBay. From what I can tell she completed the sale outside of eBay and paid via bank transfer (bad idea), but the articles comments are the real gold, generally pissed off eBay/PayPal and now even Gumtree users appearing and telling there stories. I will mirror some of the comments in case they get taken off.

Paypal, ebay, scam, credit card fraud, bank transfer

Stock photo of woman getting scammed apparently.

Link : www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-2516079/Cyber-Monday-How-bag-online-bargains-beat-cyber-scammers.html

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eBay is dead?

Messing about with Google trends searches related to the terms eBay is dead and it seems as time goes on there are more and more searches I wonder why…


Can’t figure out that huge spike at the end lol

Web designer screwed by PayPal “Friendly Fraud” AKA Chargeback

Digital goods and PayPal just don’t go, we know that, but what about services? seems there not protected either if this is anything to go by. Here we have a story of a web designer who did everything right and everything went wrong, even when PayPal was presented with the huge string of back and forth emails between the 2 parties which made note the client was happy and then the email which was basically saying i’m going to scam you ha! PayPal even tried to weasel there way out over definitions of wording, you try that with them and see how they react very 1 sided. In the end PayPal decided to not chase the designer for the money but he still loses the money.


paypal alternative chargeback scam fraud

None relevant image but still full of hatred.

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PayPal bot bought items on eBay then demanded to use PayPal to pay

Came across this pretty far out idea that PayPal at one point in there painful history decided to create demand for there service by unleashing a series of bots on eBay to go and buy up items and demand the seller accepted you guessed it PayPal as the payment method. Now this might sound a little crazy, but lets be honest here has PayPal ever played by the normal rules? I would guess this was way back before eBay bought up PayPal, prob in the BidPay era which was the preferred processor on eBay at one point. I will try and find more on this.

paypal account bot hack

Get a job at PayPal! You can steal all you want then.

Sources : http://redd.it/1ry77s


The PayPal wars book this is in (Amazon link)

transferGo International money transfer service (PayPal alternative)

transferGo – Is another one of those international money transfer services, claims to be cheap compared to the rest has some nice little charts and things, are UK based (gives a London address) has there FSA numbers and HMRC numbers all listed which is nice for a change. There main claim to fame is there speed, guaranteeing next day completion. Have a look if you need it.



Link : transfergo.com/en/home


Multiple accounts used to strike back at other eBay users

I have seen this a few times now, its quite interesting as eBay seems/or can’t be bothered to do anything about it. In this situation a buyer buys some DVD’s they don’t match the description there basically scrap but anyhow the situation gets to a point where the buyer leaves the seller a negative feedback, fast forward a bit and the buyer is now selling some DVD’s and the buyer is in the same area as the seller who sold him the bad DVD’s and leaves negative feedback seemingly unrelated to the DVD’s, coincidence? (the seller swears they was working)

ebay dvd item switch scam fraud negative not as described

Thanks to eBay DVDs are FreeViewing!

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eBay scam kits (old post 2006)

Randomly Googling for peoples eBay problems and came across this concept, a all in kit on what you would need to scam woman on eBay. I would presume this kind of thing still goes on and has just evolved into newer more complex scam processes. As eBay evolves so do the scammers as we now know.Amazes me someone put it all together. Worth a look anyhow.

ebay success kit scam

Only way to get anything out of eBay is scam or be scammed, but in the end eBay wins.

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On eBay or off? The listed “elsewhere” dilemma

Pops up allot this, usually in the motors section. I am sure at some point everyone’s seen a listing with something along the lines of “Reserve the right to end early as listed elsewhere”. The question is who is right in this situation? If the item has no bids and is still running and you sell it somewhere else then yes I can see ending it early as being ok, however what if the item has bids? sure you can cancel them and there are many eBay rules about this (cant end in last 12hrs, cant end with bids in last 24hrs etc.) including the new charge one but that’s not going to help, and finally what as what has been sent in here what happens if you had the item as a “Buy it now” and it sells while you have sold it off somewhere else? There’s basically nothing you can do.


All too common and getting more common now things are falling to bits over at the wonderland that is eBay.

eBay buyer and the soggy shirt

Found this strange eBay buyer, who actually wants to return a shirt to a seller because it “makes him sweat too much” I can’t figure out how the shirt does this. His had if for 60 days at this point too so there is that, and I am not sure sweating in it is a reason for a dispute but you know eBay buyers…

ebay returns dispute worn cloths shirt

eBay a work out in itself

Here’s what the buyer has to say :

“I know it’s been some time since I bought this but would you consider allowing me to return this shirt. I break out into a sweat when wearing this & this is not good for my health since I do have a heart problem. Thank you.”

Source :redd.it/1pnkzm

http://krsk.24au.ru/ – Russian auction site (eBay alternative)

krsk.24au.ru/ - Is a Russian language auction site, apparently its quite popular over there, I can’t find anything on the site and I can’t read it (Google translate made a even bigger mess of it). Seems to have buy it now style auctions and normal auctions, various online stores advertise on there for the Russian region I presume since there all in Russian too. With all the problems Russian buyers have or don’t have (that list would get big) with international eBay sites maybe it could be of use to them



Link : krsk.24au.ru/


Propertyroom.com – eBay alternative

Propertyroom.com – Is a site which sells goods/items on behalf of various agencies. Sometimes there stuff, sometimes lost items/stolen recovered etc.. Site is US based, takes PayPal and other better payment methods, was setup in 1999 so its been around a while. I was told some of the prices on some of the stuff is quite good, I assume due to the nature of there items and there service there’s not going to be much in the way of customer service and guarantee’s.


Link : www.propertyroom.com/

Buyers can still leave negative feedback even when a seller has won a case?

Found this post from 2012 about a seller who has won a dispute that a buyer opened against him for a item that he did not receive because it ended up in some kind of mail depot, anyhow the seller wins the case as they was able to show the mail company screwed up and have the item… however the buyer can still leave the seller negative feedback even after getting a full refund and it being shown the sellers not at fault.

ebay feedback scam fraud

Feedback…just text really, but it can screw up your day.

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A few relevant Wiki articles (Winners curse, Buyers remorse, Friendly fraud (chargeback)

Stumbled across a few strangely relevant Wikipedia articles that could well be applied to eBay, PayPal. First up “Winners curse” which explains what some might say is auction fever with a negative end overpaying for something just to get it, second up is “Buyers remorse“ which is actually covered in various eBay/PayPal protection programs (or so they say) it does have a section but is not really enforced and finally “Friendly/Chargeback fraud” which is just way too common with PayPal and people scamming away for free stuff and then PayPal slam you with the bill (so much for seller protection…)

ebay customer service terrible

At least you can see her…

Links :





eBay top rated seller clocks up 50 ish negative feedback in 4 days

Here is a example of whats going wrong with eBay, if this is what passes for a Top Rated seller/Premier service seller then well…

This seller has clocked up as of 11am 13/10/13 about 50 negative feedback with the average being about 8-11 per day every day for the last 3/4 days. The problem as one slighty p*ssed off eBay user told me is the seller listed a cd drive gadget at £5.99 posted, then refunded who ever bought it, relisted it at a higher price £7.99 (I think was mentioned) then expected everyone to pay the now increased price, of course eBay users are not so forgiving as this seller has now found out. Now the seller had sold 100′s of the drive at the £5.99 price thanks in part to the Hot UK deals site (it made the top on there) so I am sure he can be expecting a fair few more negatives in the coming days.


The requirements for Top Rated Seller sure are slipping these days…

Link : feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=cigbargain&ftab=AllFeedback&rt=nc&myworld=true

Items not showing up eBay search? See your Terms, its how it is

Are your items not showing up in eBay’s search? are you still being charged for them? wonder if you can get a refund from eBay? Well its in the new user agreement that all these things are your fault basically and you will not be getting a refund if for what ever reason eBay decide to make your listings invisible. Charging for something your not getting legal? I would think not but this is eBay we on about…

hiddensearch (1)

Paying for nothing.. that’s good will go with all the none paying bidders too.

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PayPal Vs PayPal in PayPal dispute over PayPal hold on PayPals own funds

Yes as the title says, here is a really odd PayPal dispute/chargeback/robbed seller story. Basically in some countries PayPal have a temporary credit facility called “Pay me later” 30/90 day credit I think it is anyhow… someone bought a sellers laptop paid for it using this PayPal issued credit (using a fake ID of course), when the real person disputed it PayPal reversed the funds from… PayPal! now PayPal vowed to work with the buyers credit card company to get it sorted who are…. PayPal in this case! now PayPal also decided to issue the seller a chargeback fee from PayPal for PayPal! getting good this. Go read up and get confused.

paypal credit card fake id scam laptop apple

PayPal Vs PayPal in PayPal dispute, defiantly not your Pal but you will Pay!

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eBay and the none paying bidder epidemic

In recent times the menace that is the none paying bidder on eBay has reached epidemic levels and continues to rise, the buyer has so much power with eBay they just don’t give a crap basically, since eBay removed the ability for sellers to leave negative feedback the problem got worse, here are some bits and pieces I found about this from sellers. Mostly from eBay’s own forums!

none paying bidders ebay auction paypal scam negative feedback seller protection worthless

Everythings on eBay!

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2 Cheque’s from a class action lawsuit against eBay some time ago

For any number of reasons at any one time I guess eBay and PayPal are involved in many, many different legal disputes. Here are 2 users cheque’s they never cashed that was part of a payout by eBay for the whole sum of $0.01c, personally I would have put the cheque on eBay.

ebay class action lawsuit sued payout

Auction hammer or justice hammer… either way eBay wins.

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General comments from eBay users

Another few comments from various places from various users of eBay that once again don’t paint the wonderful picture eBay would like us to see. The usual suspects none paying bidders, masses of Chinese wholesale crap and general poor service.

ebay broken none paying bidders scammers paypal chargeback

There’s a old saying about a broken looking glass… I can’t remember it right now though :p


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Another unhappy eBay user (raises some very good points)

Stumbled across this while Googling for our site, just looking about seeing whats happening in the great world of Google, anyhow found this “Why eBay should disappear tomorrow” lists a few good reasons that we shall mirror here, I found them because they credited a image from here so we are going to use their image which they got from here, which we prob got from somewhere else in some kind of sick imagecepetion joke :p

ebay problems complaints user horror story

eCeption! I know lame eh?

Link : neagix.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/why-ebay-should-disappear-tomorrow.html

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Peoples comments on PayPal

Grabbed a few random comments from a thread about PayPal, mostly they was not very friendly here are a few of them.

paypal user comments reviews scams frozen accounts help

PayPal locking up funds since 1998.


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A example of a PayPal phishing style scam email

Here is a example of a PayPal phishing email, interestingly the mail says some crap about the money being taken from the senders PayPal account and being put on hold until the seller confirms they have sent the item with a tracking number, I think they was hoping you would not think the £/$0 balance would look odd if PayPal are holding the money in some kind of weird escrow state, by the time you worked it out you would have already shipped the item.

paypal, phone, scame, africa, nigeria, phishing, hacked account, fake email

Approved invisible funds, just like a real bank.

PayPal iPhone scam via CraigsList

Here’s quite a long text conversation taken during a PayPal scam on the 2nd hand item site CraigsList (like Gumtree), the scammer tries to get the sellers name, most likely to make there scammy PayPal look a like mail look a bit more legitimate, anyhow in this case sadly for the scammer they fail, but theirs a bit of comedy at the end which the scammer does not seem to understand.

apple iphone scammer nigeria africa craigslist overpayment phising mail fraud

Kevin the pigeon, faster than Royal Mail.

PayPal iPhone scam gone very wrong

Here’s a slightly confusing bit of scamming involving every scammers seemingly favorite brand Apple and one of there favorite items the iPhone. In this case a woman was selling her iPhone (don’t say how or where) and she got a mail from PayPal (which was fake) telling her it had been sold and paid for, somewhere in all this she contacted (?) PayPal and was told that the 1st so called PayPal mail was a fake, anyhow she decided to ship out a box of condoms instead. Updated corrected story below

apple iphone ebay paypal scam

Somewhere, someone has used these as a phone cover.

Link : redd.it/1nxb2g

Here was the deal -> I received and email saying I received a payment so I processed the parcel to be sent. Went to the post office and they said there is a new law and she had to check if any courier would send a phone as far as it needed to go. The courier said he recognised the area it was going to and that this week alone there has been a staggering amount of scams from uk to other countries on phones so I phoned paypal and she said they have never contacted me and I have never received money into my account before as this was my first time using it for this purpose. She also detailed to me what an email should say and the one I received was so close apart from one detail I noticed straight away. If it hadn’t been for the girl explaining the new law and what an email contains id be £400 down

bidorbuy.co.za – African eBay alternative

In a totally unrelated search stumbled across this bidorbuy.co.za which seems like some kind of African version of eBay. It’s in English (I don’t know what languages they speak down in Africa), they have there own payment system integrated with there local banks so no need for cards, they also take PayPal :/,  the fees seem lower than eBay (5%) there’s no upfront listing fee so that’s a plus.


Link : www.bidorbuy.co.za/

Wiki article on the site : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bidorbuy


Preloved – Classified Ad site

Came across this in a bit of junk mail, its that site that seems to pop up every time you search for anything and you end reading bits of peoples reviews (mostly car stuff). Well it seems they have themselves a classified ad site, theirs no fees so that’s a good start, its backed by a name that’s been around a while and it seems fairly active. Seems a bit of a alternative to Craigs List and Gumtree.

preloved vivastreet gumtree craigslist 2nd hand classified itemsLink : www.preloved.co.uk/