1. YUP…They banned me PERMENENTLY from ever selling again after 20+ years because I was slow to ship some items but otherwise had a 100% POSATIVE rating while they allow others to repeatedly screw buyers over by sending defective items or not sending items AT ALL. I saw one with a negative 265 rating in ONE MONTH but they were allowed to continue to sell. But me????? I don’t sell hundreds of items and make them tons money so PERMANENTLY banned!!

    1. 20 years! could you LEARN HOW TO SPELL Positive? Seriously? if you are that dumb maybe that is why you were banned.

  2. I got temp ban once due to slow delivery times, all items were posted same day so WTF do they expect ? I have no control over the postal system but ebay still expected me to IMPROVE!!! I sold all my stock off at a loss to get rid of it quick and left ebay. Best move I ever made. I was only small seller selling several items a week. Was still costing me £100-£150 in fees though. When you are only making a couple pounds profit thats a huge outlay. Plus all the fake disputes on top taking up all my day.

    I still find it amazing that 2 years on, I still order many things from various sites, not 1 package has gone missing. I probably order 2 or 3 items per week. and yet selling on ebay, 50% of packages never arrived. Strange how all packages to me arrive, but when I send them out, a lot of them vanish. I can’t improve on peoples honesty but ebay expect me to. no thanks!

  3. I have absolutely the same issue..

    my girlfriend account is permanently banned for life, they told me she has another banned account, even dough she never used ebay before in her life and she don’t have any other account!

    1. eBay will never admit to being wrong even with overwhelming evidence. You have a few options buy a account or setup a fake account and use that. Setting one up yourself might be the better option if you have no other accounts tied to your current IP, bank details, card details, PayPal or linked in any way.

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