2 short eBay horror stories

2 small experiences of eBay from 2 sellers. One of them lost his store, again to the DSR problems relating to dispatch time (we all know how that really works) and the other about a buyer who refused to send back a “apparent” broken item.

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Rob the sign why not, like everything else.

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Story 1 :

ebay steals from the sellers and offers no protection and takes the side of the buyer even if you have proof theyre lying. Ebay stated they no longer want sellers especially everyday small american sellers and now caters exclusively to large brand name store fronts who can affort to ship free and sell below wholesale. Ebay will fuck you every chance it gets closed down my store of 300+ sells a month due to three people saying i shipped slowly. I think i was in competition with one of their main sellers who wanted me kicked off this is extortion and ebay is a theft.

Story 2 :

ebay did the same thing to me.the buyer broke an item and claimed it was damaged in shipping.ebay didn’t care what i had to say and sided with the buyer even though buyer refused to send back or let me examine item for deliberate damage which is what e-mailed pics clearly showed.I closed my checking and credit card ebay had on file and told them good luck getting any refund money from me.They froze my paypal with£22.51 ($34) in it so I called them and told them now I’m not going to pay my listing fees either.Fuck em,I’ve had enough.They want over £297.99 ($450) from me but will have to settle for the £22.51 ($34) they stole.


  1. Its the buyers who buy something and use it for something its not really intended for then open a dispute about it. It would be like someone buying sticky tape, then using it to stick something underwater, then opening a dispute as its not worked and so the item must be faulty.

    Its laughable really, but unfortunately buyers can get away with it, and who gets the blame ? the sellers of course.

  2. I had a buyer bid 0.99 on an item … for which she never paid. Her name is Glynnis Smith from Pikeville, TN. She proceeded to request that I deliver the product – at first, I was amenable but only if mutually convenient. She began insisting that I either deliver the product or she wanted to come to my house. I was spooked – she sounded like a real nut. I then told her that we should either call off the deal or she could pay for the product plus shipping – which was in line with eBay terms. She refused to cancel the transaction… and also refused to pay; then she left negative feedback… not just negative – outright lies. eBay refused to remove the negative feedback. I have closed my account in order to remove the negative and defamatory feedback. These guys are crooks and I hope we can band together and bring them down.

    1. Sounds about normal for eBay staff to sit there and do nothing, I have got negatives from people who refused to pay and eBay refuse to remove them stating its the buyers view of the transaction even though they are lies (claiming the product was broke when I never sent it because they never paid) eBay are very recently claiming to be putting a stop to this, they sent me a email claiming they have removed 2 negative feedback just like yours yet I still see it so…

      They really are too big to care at this point.

  3. Have ebay ever “really” cared ? I have a few random items which I could sell, but I just don’t bother anymore. ebay is a cheap place for cheap customers, well it used to be cheap anyway.

    Its good business though, screw over people so they leave, reduce the workload, increase prices to compensate. So you end up with same turnover value at the end of the year, but 50% less customers. 50% less electric cost in running ebay severs etc. Reduce “overheads” by 50% and still have same yearly turnover.. great…………..

  4. Never thought of it like that. Maybe there’s something to that?
    I think its being geared to drive out the small sellers and get the big shops on board running the show, with just enough there to keep the buyers coming in.

  5. There’s nothing for the small seller now that’s for sure. Its economics , reduce the “workload” by keeping profits the same. Why have millions of small sellers when you can just have a couple of huge ones ?

    Ebay is just like any other “employer” , do not give a stuff about the workers as there is always a endless supply of willing people..

    Go for a job packing boxes and see how they talk down to you, lol, best part is, for me anyway, I am qualified 10 fold to run the place, nevermind just stick stickers on stuff, lol.

    A friend of mine used to go for job interviews for the hell of it, with no intention of actually doing the job, just to take the piss really, best part is, she one told a company she is difficult to get on with, does not tolerate fools and should be given freedom to go for a fag when she wants, she went all out on that one, manager offered her the job and she didn’t know what to think lol

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