2 short eBay user horror stories

Here are 2 short stories from unhappy eBay sellers, one who is basically being screwed by the feedback system at no fault of his own and another who was forced to give a £400 odd refund because the buyer claimed not as described (they never read the listing) I bet he never got that item sent back…

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They have become all about the buyer and basically

They have become all about the buyer and basically thrown their sellers to the wolves. It’s sad but I was a loyal customer and seller for 9 years and all of a sudden I got a couple months where these buyers were leaving me negatives and neutrals for things that made no sense. In fact 3 of the users were brand new and left me negatives only to message me back and inform me that they were sorry as they were new and didnt realize how ebay worked and as such wrongly left a negative! Ebay has refused to take those off even at the insistence of the BUYER! Then I had 3 others where I was left a negative or neutral BEFORE the buyer had even PAID! There was no transaction……how in the world can their be feedback left on something that did not happen (Of course because hey DIDNT EVEN PAY YET!) Once again EBAY refused to remove them. I worked through these issues that left me with restrictions and because on my review day I was 0.01% over the limits I was stuck dealing with an additional month of these restrictions! Guess what next day I get an email that my account has been restricted further and that ebay was going to have PAYPAL hold all funds for the transactions till they were proven to be complete……..I count on ebay to live as I had a back injury and cannot work a regular job so this is a major issue and as a result of them holding MY money I cannot ship out fast enough causing me to probably get more negatives for slow shipping!!!!! How can I ship WITH NO MONEY! And as they explain I can pay ebay thru paypal to pay for shipping but guess what I have no printer because mine was broken recently! I cant get it fixed because I have no money, Cant get money to fix it because they are holding my cash because of restrictions, Cant get my restrictions lifted until I get better feedback, Cant get better feedback because I cant ship items in a timely manner, Cant ship in a timely manner because They are holding my money because of restrictions! Its a vicious cycle that wont be broken because sellers are not protected. I have been ripped off by MANY MANY international buyers because the USPS and UPS can only track a package to the border and customs and once it leaves there your on your own. You cant prove it got there even with a reciept WITH their address on it the amount spent and date it was sent. So they can basically steal up to 4 high ticket items a year wihout being kicked off the site and they KNOW IT! I could go on for hours and hours on this subject as I have not even scratched the surface yet! It is quite pathetic that for the first 8 years I had no problems what so ever and now its a nasty mess and I am the one being attacked. Sad state of affairs and they just lost a great seller and buyer!

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I had to give a buyer a £403.67 ($600.00) I PAD

I had to give a buyer a £403.67 ($600.00) I PAD for FREE. I had to pay for it. The stupid buyer couldn’t read the description and thought they were buying something else. Dumb Ass. The description clearly states that it DOES NOT come with the 3G ability. Ebay sided with the buyer who then ripped me off for £403.67 ($600.00) buck. Sellers need to unite and leave Ebay. I now sell on Bonanza.com. Anyone who reads this need to leave EBay NOW. If they don’t have sellers, they won’t have buyers and they won’t have the almighty PROFIT. Leave now and come to Bonanza.com



  1. Both good stories and valid points.

    I think the problem with ebay is the amount of NAD cases or counterfeit cases are probably buyers abusing the protection system than people selling counterfeit goods ? It would seem to fit in with ebays misguided rules of doing stuff.

    Increase the buyer protection against fraud items, ebay go and enforce it and are blaming the sellers 100% again. Little do ebay realise , most of those fraud cases are actually buyers defrauding ebay and the sellers. Of course “counterfeit goods” is on the increase, ebay are causing it! Buyers get away with it, so I wonder why its on the increase ?

    I had the same thing happen to me, a buyer accused me of selling counterfeit goods, when I never even mentioned the brand name of what I was selling anywhere or even hinted about it. I got a dispute for selling counterfeit goods over a brand name I hadn’t even listed. Its just another example why I left ebay.

    ebay just keep enforcing buyer protection and this is just compounding the fraudulent cases. Its more than clear its a huge problem and ebay will just keep on increasing the buyer protection and screwing the sellers. Common theme really, ebay and the buyers screwing the sellers. They make a wonderful team.

    1. I think most people buying “unbranded” or items for £2-3 know full well that there doing and are gaming the buyer protection system.

      I think eBay are allowing it until someone reports it because the buyers are buying it up in loads, and the sellers are just giving in when the buyer screams about something because the seller knows there in a serious gray area and it could come crashing down, creating this kind of scam buyer/scam seller circle with eBay picking up the fees so nothing happens.

  2. I was only selling a few items, but it takes up so much time to fight every case that it was just a constant stream. I think maybe I sold 100 items a month and that was enough for a dispute a day almost.

    99p items – buyers know your not going to bother to fight it for 99p , why spend hours bothering for 99p ? If you are a big seller and get many disputes day, what else can you do as it takes up to much time to fight the disputes.

    Buyers are getting away from 99p items, its generally like you say £2-£3, but its creeping up to £5 or more now. A lot of sellers think they are “great” as they have not had any problems at all with anything, but as soon as buyers start scamming £8+ items, then those sellers will soon wake up. Some sellers could look at this site and think we are making the whole thing up!

    I have reported buyers for years, ebay did nothing about it. All I got was bad feedback and low DSR’s over things which were just pure BS. Ebay is just a very fast way to loose money and waste many hours of your day doing it.

    I did not realise until a few days ago how much I have got done since closing my shop. It starts as a odd dispute here and there, so you deal with it. Though it slowly increase until your fighting disputes every day, and your entire day can be blown away with disputes and pure BS claims. now I am not doing that, I have way more free time and are actually doing things which matter in my life!

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