A fee for ending your eBay listing early?

A new one on me this only found out this morning, eBay charge a fee for a seller ending there auction early, as usual theirs not much info on this in eBay’s help pages (wonder why) and forum posts on eBay’s forums are all dead links now (I wonder who did that?). The charge is equal to the amount of the auction when you ended it (final value fee). This just seems like a pure scam, there could be many reasons to end a auction early that are legitimate, eBay just assume there losing something, you do get 1 free end per 12 months though, I can’t see how this works when you have already paid a insertion fee. Is it even legal?

The only way is up.

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  1. Ebay forum moderators are very good at hiding the truth of whats going on. Anything implicating ebay as “wrong doing” quickly gets deleted.

    Sellers should have the right to list auctions up in multiple places. Its like selling your house, you don’t have to be with one single estate agent, you can be with many, the one who actually sells your house gets the commission.

    However, ebay just does what it wants and wants people to stop listing on other sites. For me, I will just list on all the other sites and not ebay. Simple enough. Ebay are just desperate to get share prices up any way they can. Other than actually fix the mile long list of issues the whole setup has. Ripping the sellers off even more would just confirm they STILL have no clue what’s going on.

    1. I noticed the eBay forum mods are FAST, they must have a team of them sitting there all day, why not actually listen to the your customers that makes more sense in my head then silencing them.

      Listing in multiply places its your item surely you can do what you want with it, the amount of times I seen auctions with :

      “reserve the right to end listed elsewhere”

      and people were still bidding on it even after the seller had edited the auction so to say “SOLD elsewhere” can surely only cause issues for both the seller and the buyer (more so the seller).

      I was reading the rules trying to make sense of the ending listings early and well I don’t think they do make any sense.

      The amount of times I had a buyer retract there bid in the final 2/3hrs was unreal, surely if sellers cant end a auction with a certain amount of time left (I think eBay states its 12hrs), a buyer can’t remove there bid in the last 12hrs either? (but they can)

      Another case of screwing the seller.

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