A few comments from sellers that seem to have slipped by eBay’s forum eyes

Found a few comments in various threads on eBay.com‘s (eBay US seller central) forum, that seem to have slipped by the eBay forum spies/mods/censors, eBay will remove anything even remotely negative about there wonderful utopia. I think these might have slipped because they was buried deep in replies to old threads (4/5th pages etc.) They do show some sellers thoughts about whats going on though.

ebay forums censored free speech hides complaints
eBay not a laughing matter

Comment 1 :

Use to make an extremely good living selling parts on this site. It was great. Over the years, eBay’s policies have become more more tolerant of deceptive buyers. A seller complaining to ebay will fall on deaf ears. There is not much any seller can do to defend themselves. Ebay will almost always find in favor of the buyer in an “item not as described” case, no matter how much documented evidence the seller has. By the time you calculate in ebay selling fees, paypal fees, losses on ridiculous cases from buyers, and taxes, the profit gets kicked pretty hard in the crotch.

Comment 2 :

I could’nt agree with you more. The only thing worse than Ebay’s policy is their Customer Support. I’ve been on the phone for nearly an hour trying to resolve a problem with a buyer’s false negative feedback. They didn’t complete the sale, posted an outright lie that it’s under investigation, and I couldn’t get any help from Customer Support. There is no investigation underway, yet the very implication of it is scaring away other buyers. I’m so out of here. It’s Very VERY frustrating.

Comment 3 :

Here is the low down. Two things: First if a transaction ever goes to the resolution center and it gets escalated, then it’s a 100% rate that Ebay will favor the buyer no matter what the circumstances were. I don’t care if you put AS-IS, or NO RETURNS. If the buyer says items were not shipped, then you better be shipping only one item and nothing else b/c if you have a cable, a cd, I mean anything the buyer can use against you, then Ebay will always side with the buyer. I don’t care if you put that one extra thing in the box. If the buyer says it wasn’t there, then YOU WILL LOOSE your case. If you notice most sellers are now only selling one item only and stating you will only receive one item and nothing else. Then put was in working condition when tested and AS-IS with no warranty. Yes this will depreciate your sale, but it’s the only way to protect yourself as a seller. Personally I think this is too much to ask for, as a work around b/c Ebay will always side in favor of the buyer and I think it’s time to seriously thinking of selling elsewhere due to the circumstances. Ebay was good for me from 2000 – 2005. Since then it has gone downhill each year with new policies. Now in 2011, it breaking ties with a lot of long time users on here. Ebay is now a store like Target with a 30 refund policy as long as you have your receipt from Paypal.
Second: Sellers on Ebay now have a buyers account and a Sellers account. If they use thier buyers account they can be harsh and demand everything because they don’t want you to target them under their sellers account. Another backdoor tactic which makes me upset. Even the sellers know it’s not wise to buy something under their high rating profile. Why would you want you selling rating be under suspecision as a buyer when want to keep a clean sellers account. Totally B.S. Time to move on people. No matter what Ebay member tried to defend their policies, they know they are getting more and more complaints and people dropping out of their site INCREASINGLY everyday.
One last thing. I have sold over £9,711.31 ($15,000) in sales this year alone on Ebay. I paid over £582.68 ($900) is commisions to Ebay and Paypal. I had one user with a feedback of 3 and item was £38.85 ($60,) neg me because she didn’t like the item. Then another 2 sales which were £258.97 ($400) items, one buyer just wanted to see the item in person (as it was a unique piece) and then after a few days didn’t like it. Ebay refunded the money, absolutely nothing wrong with the item. The second £258.97 ($400) item the buyer opened the item (b/c he said he was an engineer) and tried to modify the item and then damaged the once working item, and told ebay everything was not included in the box. Yes, Ebay refunded the money. I even have an Ebay email where this guy tells me he is going to open the item, and still Ebay didn’t care. So after selling cars, high end video equipment, high end music equipment, and making Ebay money, I think it is time to move on as buyers now can return anything these days without even an investagation. Yes you can open a resolution case, and you will always get the same response. Give us 72 hours to make our decesion, then 7 days later reply, after reviewing the case we decided in the buyer favor. Then send you another email stating since you didn’t reply we favored in the buyers decision, which you replied over 3 times in the resolution center- which makes absolutely no since. Ebay really does suck. Buyers pay no money to Ebay or Paypal, the sellers take the hit, yet the buyers have all the lead way. Seems like it should be the other way around. But then again, it’s Ebay were talking about. It’s why this post was created

Comment 4 :

The biggest reason eBay is no longer valid is the reason most companies fail. They have moved away from the simplicity that made them a success. It is no longer fun to be on eBay, it’s like another retail store. Once they started the Buy It Now and eBay Store they sealed their demise.


Comment 5 :

I am going to make a prediction, in a few years time eBay will be no longer relevant and will most likely begin the downward spiral that they will not be able to reverse. They have simply gone too far away from what made them eBay. Just like Apple after Steve Jobs was booted. He then came back and righted the ship.

Comment 6 :

Bottom line, eBay is no longer useful. It is not an auction site and they are screwing over the 1 group of people that make the succeed…. the sellers.

One comment

  1. All very true comments. I have given up posting on the ebay forum. Anything you post which hints of blame on ebays part, it gets deleted within the hour. Ebay are covering up all the scam buyers, why ? All the post which are allowed to stay are blaming the postal service for lost packages, though its clear its not. Its scams, dishonest buyers and ebay are just covering it all up all the time.

    I have had buyers open disputes over such stupid things, I have proven beyond any doubt the listing is correct, and I am 100% correct, all proven in the ebay listings, nothing even complicated. The thing is though, I have actually “won” all the disputes, however, all this means is you do not have to refund the buyer out of your own pocket, ebay just refund them out of their pocket. Thats all it boils down to, whether or not you keep your money. In all these cases “ebay found nobody at fault”. Though the buyer got refunded anyway. These cases must be costing ebay a fortune.

    I also agree that the “no questions asked return policy” is a joke. I said it before over and over again, buyer buys something, then returns it after 3 weeks, seller now has a used item with 50% less value. Buyer gets full refund. In what world is that fair ? buyers can de-value all of your entire stock by 50% or more, then theres all the refunds in postage. Overall, it will end up costing the sellers to sell stuff, actually cost more than they are making.

    I found the same thing out myself, its actually more profitable/cost effective not to sell on stuff on ebay and chuck the stuff in the bin instead. Cut out the “middle man” (ebay) and save yourself some money.

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