A kind of “Magic?” now “Gather” round for a tale of eBay woe

eBay user horror story involving a large amount of cash in this instance $1173 from a sale of Magic The Gathering cards gone very, very wrong. In this case we will see how the buyer used a stolen eBay account, stolen PayPal account (what’s worse it was his family’s!) to abuse the eBay seller guarantee to get his money back and return a box of stuff, the end result eBay says :

magic the gathering ebay scam uncovered
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That’s the cost of doing business

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What I sold: imgur.com/QgnLWGo
What was returned to me: imgur.com/a/iSzjD
Ebays “response”: imgur.com/BBS6cfu
The Story On November 27th, a buyer purchased a auction on ebay for three sealed boxes of Modern Masters from me for $1173 total. The items were packaged and shipped very securely via USPS.
Soon after receipt the buyer complained the items had been damaged during shipping. The buyer sent pictures of a minor packaging damage on the item, one box had the shrink wrap broken on the side. My BS meter immediately went off because I knew I had packed them well and they were perfect condtion, but he got Ebay involved who said I had to take the return, because of their “buyer guarantee”. Ok whatever. So it takes him like 2 weeks to ship the package back when it arrives inside are three booster boxes, all opened with no wizards shrink wrap on them, every pack in each has been opened and random cards from the last 5 blocks back to scars of mirrodan are shoved carelessly inside. I was in shock. The weights on the package I shipped compared to what I received back did not match either, it was sent by USPS both ways. I immediately wrote an email to high value claims at ebay and didn’t hear back (big surprise) so I called them up to talk. After about 2 hours on hold I finally got someone who I was able to explain the situation to, and describe how I received a totally different item then I shipped. Unlucky, for me, this person didn’t give a shit and flat out told me that this is “a cost of doing business.” I attempted to escalate further but the person told me that they were the top of the case managing chain and I could not talk to anyone else. I calmly laid out all my evidence including my 14 year flawless history with ebay and paypal but none of it mattered. The lady told me I had lost the appeal case and that Paypal was going to force me to refund twelve hundred dollars him in two days time because it shows to them that he returned the package back.
The only good news is a already got the money out of my paypal account several weeks ago when I first smelled a rat with this guy complaining about “damage”. I’ve gone ahead and placed a “stop order” on all accounts and credit cards linked to my paypal account, which means they are unable to dip into my accounts to forcibly take my money. I will lose my paypal and ebay account over this and never use them again, no way I am giving up $1200 for nothing. Paypal can take me to collections all they want, I will tell them to fuck off. Now today, my paypal account is 1200 dollars in the red, and I’m waiting for the debt collectors to start calling.
Beware, if this could happen to me it could happen to any of you.

Update 1: Just wanted to say thank you so much for everyone’s support so far. Also I wanted to show the pictures the buyer sent to me of the “damage”, proving that he received the cases still shrink wrapped with actual packs inside. He should have nailed himself by being stupid enough to do this but to Ebay’s professional world class investigators he can apparently do no wrong…

Update 2: I have been contacted by a couple redditors who believe they may know this guy. They have told me they know a guy who plays in NY whose name is very similar to what I have posted and wanted to verify further if it is him. I will let you know if we are able to establish his identity.

Update 3: Someone PMed me who told me he got in touch with the player who shares that name of the scammer. He says that his acquaintance claims to have never ordered from me, but was scammed the same way before.

Update 4: I have been contacted by the “buyer”, or at least the person with the name of the buyer. What I am being told is that the cousin of the buyer who lives with him recently started using his ebay and paypal info and he believes his cousin has stolen his identity. The guy seems very genuine and beat up about this and I believe him. He seems to be a victim as much as I am and is working with me to get this sorted out.


Hi Evolving.
To Begin, i don’t reddit . So it was super disturbing when i found out from my friend, that a certain John from New York apparently scammed you on Ebay?
Here’s the funny thing. My Name is Jonathan . Im super sorry to hear that you scammed- but please allow me to say that reading through your post has enlightened me and its safe to say i am very sure the scammer is close to me. In fact, living in the same house as well. And it disgusts me to say but he is family and he is using my name and has violated my trust.

A few months agao- i was the victim of an ebay scam- ironically for MTG Cards as well-(Scammer Stole my Legacy deck using a technique similar to how you got scammed- sent me back junk and abused customer support). I quit using Ebay after that and instead turned over my Ebay account to my Cousin. He claimed he wanted to start selling on Ebay and that he’d like to start using my account as it had a decent seller rating. I trusted him and turned over my account and he claimed that he’d link his own paypal. I asked him if he could do me a favor and order me stuff from ebay from time to time as he’d now be in charge of the account. He said yes. that he’d do that and furthermore told me as a favor he’d hook me up with free cards as a thank you for me giving him the account.

I cannot say the name of my Cousin as he is a minor. Suffice to say me doing this seems to have been the worst fucking idea ive made.

I have just logged into my paypal account and im noticing dozens of transactions. All linked to Ebay. This includes a recent refund for exactly 1173 dollars, specifically from an Ebay transaction.

Furthermore , said cousing has been flaunting a new Modern Masters foil Dark Confidant and 2 Cryptic Commands- from Modern Masters. I was puzzled as to how he got these cards so quickly as he is mainly a casual player and he has claimed trades. It seems to me like he is full of fucking shit.

Right now i am fearing the worst- that hes been using my ebay and has also found a way into my paypal and other accounts. And has esentially has been posing as me online to scam people and conduct illegal transactions. I am sick to my core right now and utterly disgusted.

As of now i am in damage control mode. I don’t know what assets of mine my cousin now has access to- and i dont know if i should confront him to make him privy to the fact i am on to him. It seems very likely that he has esentially stolen my identity.

I am disgusted with all this business. I fully intend to pay you back for this incident- esentially he stole money from you and that is NOT cool at ALL. I made this account just to communicate with you and im happy that this was brought to my attention but at the same time disgusted that its very possible my identity has gotten stolen by someone i care for and trust very much.

Update 6: The buyer has still not refunded me and is claiming other issues related to the cousin and access to his paypal account. He said he will call me later to discuss.

Update 7: The buyer has sent me $1100 paypal (I assume the remaining few dollars will be coming soon)! We did it Reddit!!! Reddit>>>>>>>>>Ebay!!! Thank you so much to all! Stay tuned for an update later from the buyer explaining some more details and don’t forget the lesson of this post – FUCK EBAY / PAYPAL!!!! Getting my money back is fantastic, but what’s even better is making ebay/paypal look like the scum they are in front of tens of thousands of people. That’s what I call priceless 🙂

Update 8: This is wrapping up finally and I see we hit the top of r/bestof. When I posted this I never dreamed it would be seen by 100k+ people, so I want to thank everyone who offered me advice and helped me out. I know a lot of you are still suspicious about John the buyer, as it natural for any crazy situation like this. However, I want to say that I personally have spent over an hour with this guy on the phone over the last day and I do believe his story. He may have made some odd/bad choices in hindsight, but he was only trusting a family member. He has refunded me 95% of my money already via paypal gift as I requested and the final amount will be coming soon. Because he took the initiative in making things right I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt that his story is true and you should too. I live a thousand miles from this guy and am an adult with a full time job so I may never know the whole story. Don’t let the witch hunting over the stupid cousin or John distract you from the true villain, which is Ebay/Paypal. Every day they both make money hand over fist due to their monopoly and they think the little guy can’t touch them so they shit all over him. John got screwed just like I did and that is what inspired his cousin to try this in the first place. Only he wasn’t so lucky to have reddit help him get his money back. I may have gotten my paypal account balance back out of the negative, but I still won’t be using them again. Good riddance. Now, lastly I have a final personal statement for you that John asked me to post on the top where he addresses some of your concerns:

Hey Guys/Redditors! I am the J*/ J A Y** in question here. Ive been replying to some of your posts but im here to just clear the air a bit.

Ive gotten in touch with evolving and yes he can confirm this is me.
Now then- this is going to be a bit of a long post so please stay tuned.

I have sent Evolving 1100$- hopefully i will have another 73 soon from my paycheck to cover the rest. Im going to need to satiate paypal for now and pay them off before they start sending debt collectors after me.

My Cousin used Bill Me later/ PayPal Credit to initially pay evolving- so esentially i have a huge Debt to settle right now but hopefully ill be able to settle it soon. Not only did he screw over evolving but he’s also purchased a ton of stuff using my name. I am probably going to force him to give up his collection of cards. His father will likely have to pay damages to me for this as well. UPDATE: His parents are likely sending him away, i’m not sure where but ill try and keep you all posted.

I think what esentially happened was that my Cousin learned how i got scammed- and figured out that he should try to do it to someone else. Not wanting blowback he abused our (now formerly) solid and close relationship to both steal my identity and con Evolving out of a lot of money. Im happy that the situation has reached an amiable conclusion though i worry my reputation may have been damaged.

Those who know me well however know i would not do something like this. They also know that im not exactly the best at being aware of my surroundings or whats going on. I barely check my Gmail or bank account- im usually gaming or on FB most of the day.

Another thing of note guys- There apparently exists something called “Friendly Fraud” according to paypal. Since the Fraud happened in my household- i actually get held liable to pay it off since it was in house. According to the paypal rep “M**e” (Probably not even his real name) PayPal is not obligated to help you out if the fraud didnt occur from out of city/out of state. If it comes out that the person who might’ve hacked into your paypal Account is someone you know- whether it be a coworker or spouse- They don’t have to do anything. Again this is from a customer service rep, so i am highly suspicious if what he says is true- it looks to me as if he is lazy and does not want to help anyone out.
Guys/Girls/People in the MTG Community. Please learn from what happened to me and evolving. Do not give Ebay your business when it comes to selling your collections and cards. I lost a legacy deck and Evolving pretty much lost a mint case of modern masters. Not cool at all.

If i had known how helpful reddit could be i most certainly would have made an account months ago and posted something up regarding my Legacy Deck when the scam occured. Alas too much time has passed and i dont think that option is open to me anymore.

You Reddit MTG guys are a strong willed community. Im glad i was able to help Evolving get his cash back. Its more of a matter now of getting my Cousin the punishment he deserves and trying to find a way to recuperate my money.
PS Thanks for the gold! 🙂

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