1. Looks like the guy in the background is fishing. Could that be the new technical support staff ? The girl on the phone probably a passer by who got in the way of the shot when it was being taken ? Grey sky of doom looks about right. Very fitting image to say the least.

  2. lol

    Every time I phoned eBay I got some far east sounding woman, a few years ago you used to get Irish people every time, I think they move their call centers around.

    Soon the Chinese will be the only ones left on eBay, every one else has been pushed out, opening up eBay crossing there international sites was one of the worse decisions they ever made.

  3. I called them once, never again. Its pointless. Its just a call centre full of people who can’t understand or speak English. Some big shed in the far east maybe ? Their training is “match the call to one of our stock replies”. Then if you can’t match it to a stock reply, then ignore the person. I assume pretty much these call centre people just use the ebay’s help system and just read out what it says on there. To which you have already done and given up, hence calling them in the first place.

    Cheap call centre staff, and most people will just give up bothering to constant them as its pointless to understand them. So its a good way to loose a lot of problems as people just give up.

    China have ruined our UK market, in fact they have ruined a lot of the worlds economy. Just look at Chinas solar dumping on the EU market.

    UK sellers have to buy from china to keep the prices down as much as possible. Too expensive to buy anything in the UK to sell. Most will just go for the cheapest price, so if you are not the cheapest, might as well pack up shop.

    Price wars are so bad, that its pointless to resell china items now. The bottom line is, china are the cheapest and like you say, ebay will just become flooded with china made items.

    I actually used design & manufacture some electronics items, My prices are WAY higher than china equivalent items. Though my items work and are reliable. Bring back “made in UK” I say.

    Everyone is tired of cheap crap items which only last 30 seconds. Though its laughable when they pay so little for the stuff in the first place. OK, nobody wants to pay double cost for similar looking stuff, but unless people start paying a little more for UK items, china problems will just keep growing. I am tired of cheap crap junk, I want quality. I am not a rich person, but I will pay for quality UK items.

    OK drifted of topic a little there 😛

    1. UK wholesalers are partly to blame for the rise of the Chinese sellers, I tried to approach UK wholesalers many, many times over the years I knew I would be paying a bit more, but I knew I could get a better product and have it in my hands there and then, while also supporting UK business, and not 1 of them would give me the time of day, try as I might to meet all their requirements they would just turn me down time after time, they would constantly move the goalposts, pick on the tiniest details or pull out obscene requirements just to get rid of you. However I could go on Alibaba, DH Gate, Global Sources and find a Chinese seller and be halfway to a deal in a few hours if that.

      The UK banks and credit unions were useless too tried them all none wanted to help start up a business, so much for our great government plans there then lol

      You can’t compete with the source they will just out price you every time. It also seems shipping from China for them is dirt cheap, thanks to Royal Mail thats been killed off for us.

      I too don’t mind paying for quality however when the UK store is bringing in the same Chinese items theres a problem there too lol

  4. Yeah its a good point actually. Typical household items, anything from washing machines to microwaves, anything really, all pretty much come out of the same factory now, just get re stamped with various price variations.

    I used to work in the electronics trade, For example, seen endless makes/manufactures of monitors, all of them have exactly the same circuits inside. Only variations really was the style of the case and the buttons on the front. OK the tubes may come from various places, Sony, Toshiba or whoever.

    I think UK companies are getting wise though, and pointing out UK made items to show they are not buying the same old china crap. Very few out there, but it is slowly increasing.

    I have had dealings with many companies over the years. Problem I have, is I want a small job doing, and contact 100 companies. Maybe 3 will reply, With mostly insane charges. Where as, I can goto china, get the job done, China people always happy to help, good prices and your done. Back in UK , unless you want to spend big bucks they are not interested. Then these companies complain they are finding it hard to stay in business and go bust.

    I would love to support UK companies, I do when its actually possible. You can’t get the time of day on a lot of them though, like you said. Some companies want your life story in order to buy stuff. They make it so hard and impossible to buy stuff. Some only accept bank transfers. Every time I try and do one of those it turns into weeks of problems, I would rather go somewhere which takes credit cards or paypal.

    99% of my payments are paypal now, I have a paypal credit card which is fantastic, most companies won’t accept paypal or even credit cards. They seem to barbaric and impossible to buy from its amazing. Companies need to move with the times a little more.

    In most cases, A company wants £2,000 to do a job that I can get done in China for £50. Material costs isn’t that much more over hears, not the items I get done. No other work involved, all same machines pumping out same stuff.

    I do keep hunting for UK companies, and I have found some rare few good ones out there, very helpful, reasonable prices, take paypal. All is good.

    You are also right about starting up a business. I am self employed, Long story there, but The goverment moans about people being out of work, and yet, a lot are willing to work, just need help in starting up. I got nothing from anyone. I pretty much work all my awake hours to make a few quid.

    It annoyed me immensely when a year or so back the government states people are going self employed to avoid paying tax. Like, no they ain’t, people are going self employed as there is no work and the government should be helping these people setup business not slagging them off!! Plenty of people willing to sit on their rear ends doing nothing all day, Would be a lot easier for me to claim JSA and do nothing. Though I get bored easy 😉

    In anycase, Any companies who ignore me, I never go back to them. I like others though, money is rare, and I do favour low cost prices like anyone. I will buy UK if possible. I brought some fan heaters from a UK firm a few weeks back. Still only £35, so not too bad at all. Any companies who help me, I keep giving them custom. Customer loyalty , a thing of the past maybe ?

  5. Another problem is some UK companies only stay in business via pure dumb luck. We have seen this happen many times. The only reason they sell stuff as they are the only company actually selling the stuff. So you end up with no choice but to buy from them. The amount of abuse some of these companies can dish out, it makes you wonder why have they been in business for so long ? Simply dumb luck.

    Ebay is the same, They just happened to do a idea which took off and now its big business. They have not got the first clue about anything, and yet they grew big, why ? simply because there wasn’t any competition. Now there is, but ebay is the term everyone knows and uses. Very hard for companies so big to go bust regardless of how bad they treat everyone.

    Then there is people like me, a honest person, working all gods hours, trying to make a honest living, and my bank account is bouncing on zero each month.

    Bad companies/sellers will run into the scam buyers/customers eventually. I personally can’t wait for “crunch day”. Ebay is under attack from it all with all the scams, though I wonder how many years it will take them to actually notice.

    Ebay shares are down from $55 to $50. That’s a pretty huge drop this past month. If you think how many buyers ebay must be refunding due to fraud… and take a wild assumption its effecting their share prices that much…

  6. “The only reason they sell stuff as they are the only company actually selling the stuff.”

    That comment is gold, its so true its not even funny, I think they somehow get a hold on the market thru whatever means usually legal threats and we end up with that situation. Quite a few times I have bought from UK companies only to have the item delivered in a box with stickers taped over from China… so why should I pay more?

    “Ebay is the same, They just happened to do a idea which took off and now its big business.”

    Did you notice eBay changed their title a while ago from :

    “the UKs biggest auction site”


    “one of the UK’s largest shopping destinations”

    wonder who complained/told them off.

    “I personally can’t wait for “crunch day”.”

    Me and some friends were taking bets on that I chose 2015 way back in 2012.

  7. I did not notice the “one of the UK’s largest shopping destinations” thing. I guess if they changed it, someone must have some power somewhere along the line over it all.

    As for china stuff, Its one thing I forgot about. Going back to buying stuff from UK again, if I saw the item in the UK for a little more, and less in china, I would buy it from the UK one. I paid more for it, also thought it would arrive pretty quick. Like you said, pretty much a month or more later, and china stamped on the box.

    If you look on the ebay site for location, they have any random UK city there, but if you go onto their feedback page, the location is China. Another huge ebay scam falling though the nets.

    Annoying that I have been scammed many times into paying more to buy from UK, only to find its from China. I even pointed this out to ebay years ago. I just gave up with pointing stuff out, along with everything else!

    I am surprised ebay is still as big as it is. Though every month or so, they upset more and more sellers. They are not bothered about loosing sellers, always more to join up, so they do not see it as a problem.

    Typical of most companies really, treat the people working for them like trash, there is always a healthy supply of unemployed people to fill the role, So why keep the current people happy ? Same thing on ebay. I have been selling for over 11 years, not any more. No 10 year bonus for commitment or long service or anything. Just emails telling me to “do better” or else. I can’t work like that under those conditions and I suspect many more sellers will be leaving each passing day.

    1. Did you notice how many free listing weekends there are now, even today was another free listing day there every week and if they miss 1 weekend you guarantee its on the next. There’s even been a few 3 day bank holiday free listing weekends this year too without fail in line with the holiday.

      I think there turnover rate on sellers is getting higher and higher.

      It seems very easy to fiddle the item location, I’m sure you can edit it every time you list a item in the auction page (I recall a box). I thought eBay was using the rule about item location to get rid of the people who drop ship so surely that would apply to this situation too?

      I did 12yrs with eBay I remember just coming up on my 10th year and having loads of trouble with them and buyers in that period and thinking what way to end 10yrs struggled on hard for the next 2 and then well they just kept screwing me harder and harder making it impossible to carry on.

      I think eBay want to be Amazon, the front page, the way pages are setup even look like Amazon, this whole catalogue listing thing too, showing other peoples items on yours and prob some other things I forgot. To do this they need to drive out all the small sellers and people who just list household rubbish, they can’t just outright dump them so they find ways of making life hard for them.

  8. I did notice the free listing weekends, but never thought much of it. They were always there, until I wanted to list something that is! I just assume they are trying to get the ball rolling with more people to get them selling stuff.

    I looked at Amazon a long time ago, dont they have like 30% final value fees ?! Also you couldn’t list anything below about 30quid either.

    I have seen sellers on the ebay forums saying they never have packages go missing selling on Amazon, but had 30 this past month on ebay. It just confirms the scams again and again.

    I also couldn’t figure how to sell anything on Amazon either lol I gave up, though even so, the fees were too high for my liking, so never bothered with it anyway. Ebay is the cheapest, so everyone goes there. I don’t know is Amazon changed the prices or not, even so I think the fees would be too high to make selling anything worth while. I don’t know.

    1. Last time I looked at Amazon, the fees were stupidly high, you could only sell new items and there was some kind of requirement that they were in their catalogue there was also some problem with payments I did not agree with at that time I think they held your money and paid out at end of months back then not so sure now.

      My point with the amount of free listing weekends is in all my time on eBay there was very few maybe 1 or 2 a year, now there every week could the reason be people are leaving and as you say they need new blood? It just seems a bit desperate on eBays part. Private sellers get 100 free 99p listings a month on eBay UK I think the number higher on eBay US.

  9. About 6 months ago ebay plateaued out profit wise. I have not looked into it much, though their shares doubled 12 months ago. I assume it was about the time they started spamming the site with adverts. They have hit the peek and are now lost I think. They need new blood to increase transactions to make more money.

    With all the sellers dropping like flies, its gonna hurt them. Ebay won’t “change their ways” they will just let its long term sellers walk away and try and replace them with anyone they can find.

    Pretty much how most companies operate, let all the experience staff walk out and hire temps to keep the company running. It ruins companies every time, ebay will be no exception.

  10. They will start picking on the private sellers soon, you watch. They will be thinking there are so many private sellers, ebay will charge them some form of store fee, or subscription to sell each month.

    Ebays profits are going down, and I really do think private sellers will be targeted next with more fees. There will be some bodged pricing thing in between a shop store and a private listing. Like a £10 a month subscripion for private sellers to sell on ebay, just like they are now.

    I suspect new private sellers will actually pay it, so ebays profits will be on the up. Though with all the scams, increase in postal costs, it not worth selling stuff now full stop.

    Unfortunately new private sellers will be totally unaware of it all and basically end up getting ripped off in fees. Ebay makes its money, the seller looses out. Will be a hard lesson for people. Though it will keep ebay afloat for a few more months I guess.

    1. I read a article before that hinted about upcoming eBay changes in there was a subscription model for sellers to pay to sell, a monthly fee, it also hinted at fees for removing bad feedback which shocked me because thats real low even for eBay. It was apparently posted by a ex-eBay employee and the posts kept getting removed from eBays forums. There is a copy here somewhere and on some other sites.

      Other auction sites tried the subscription model instead of fees and failed. eBid still offer this £50 for life no fees oh and you get a t-shirt lol there site has changed a lot and is still up at 1 time it was mess and nothing on there looks like things have changed a bit weather or not its worth listing on there though.

  11. Ebay should remove unfair feedback as things stand now, without having to pay for it. For example, Ebay state “do not hold sellers responsible for delivery times” and yet, half the bad feedbacks are due to packages not being delivered for over a week. My packages were sent typically within the hour. It took many trips to the post office each day. Then you get insulted by ebay to improve the whole thing again..

    I signed up with eBid, I sell like 1 thing a year. I have noticed some people on there are big sellers an doing really well. Though eBid gets lost in the “competition”. There are auction site popping up almost every day. None of them are doing well. eBid is the only other site which may take off. I would suggest even if people hardly sell anything on there, to list as much stuff as they can. There more that is on there, the more it will get noticed. Even if you do not expect to sell anything, List items just to spite ebay lol

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