A new eBays users story (MC999 notice)

A new eBay user got a MC999 notice and his auction closed and in true eBay style was given conflicting answers from the customer help, basically he was making too many sales?


Source : www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1b3pp9/good_people_of_reddit_are_there_any_good/

Mirror :

Today ebay shut off my fist auction…because it was grossing too much money. My account is tied to a verified PayPal account. During registration I had to verify with a valid phone number. Well today I was 4 days in to my first auction and received an MC999 notice that my listing was cancelled and I needed to call eBay to get things straightened out. After talking to “Herman” who seemed only slightly smarter than my dog he told me that my account needed further further verification and that’s why it was shut down. I spoke with a manager because I was irate who informed me that it was not due to verification but because my first auction was making so much money that eBay took steps to ensure the item wasn’t fraudulent. Those steps did not include calling me at my verified phone number or waiting for my auction to end to contact me but instead were to simply cancel my auction without notice. My item was reinstated but now is not receiving any bids, most likely because thanks to eBay I look like some asshole seller that cancels his auctions.

Sorry for the rant hopefully there is a good alternative out there. I would use Craigslist but I am looking for a broader market.


    1. 1 of the few worthwhile books I have found, we have it linked in the side bar and I have covered it a few times (recommended it in previous posts). I think its best to read the book and setup your backup plan before eBay gets you, because they will if they want anytime.

  1. There is no such thing as a complete guide IMO. You have to roll up your sleeves and do your own research online. Mine has yielded a few great ideas, will implement them eventually.

    You need to establish yourself on the net like born anew again and then you’re good to go. I mean, NEW EVERYTHING, starting from zero. All of your internet activity linked to a completely new YOU, new addresses, bank accounts, etc.

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