A seller actually won a eBay case item not as described

A seller actually won a eBay case item not as described (INAD dispute) that’s very shocking considering eBay’s treatment of sellers. So thought it was worthy of a post. eBay decided to pay the buyer and protect the seller which is odd.


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Mirror :

I sold a used electronic item (radio) for a relatively low amount ($30 shipped). It was listed as “used”, with no returns, and had photos of the radio display playing/operating on my test bench.

Buyer receives the item and opens a return request stating that the radio did not play audio. I told them that it must be some issue with the way they were hooking it up, or it could be that they had to call and activate the subscription service before it would play channels. The buyer still repeated their claim.

I eventually tired of dealing with them and told them they could return it and if it was in the original condition in the original packaging I would refund them. I told them they could simply put it back in the original package with the original label and mark “refused” on the label and it would be returned to me.

The next day, the buyer escalated their return request to a claim, asking ebay to mediate. Ebay of course auto-accepted the return and provided the buyer a shipping label, that I would later have to pay for. Today the radio came back, and I took it out and back to my test bench. I got out my phone and made a video. I recorded an existing radio of mine playing on the test bench. Then I took the returned radio, flipped it over to show the serial number, and put it on my bench. It immediately powered up and played audio normally.

I uploaded the video to youtube and send the buyer a link to it via messaging, not expecting a reply. The return case still showed “awaiting delivery” as I guess the tracking hadn’t updated quite yet.

For kicks, I called ebay to see if they would consider this evidence. I told the rep, who seemed to be a normal american guy, and asked him to look at the case and see if he could close it in my favor since I had done nothing wrong. He put me on hold for about 3 minutes (it was a 90 second video that I made/linked to) came back, and explained that they could only do so much even with the proof, because it wasn’t as though we could force them to ship the item back etc. I was ready to be told it was just too bad, but then he told me that he was just going to give me a courtesy refund and let me keep my item.

I was also kinda expecting that the claim might go through the automated system normally in spite of what he told me, but about 15 minutes this showed up in my email:

“Here’s an update for your recent return.

Hi —–,

We understand that the item returned to you was not returned in the original condition you sent it. To make things right, we have closed this case and you are not responsible for any refunds to the buyer or eBay. As a one-time courtesy, eBay has also refunded the buyer for this case. We want to thank you for letting us know about this incident and helping us create a safer marketplace.

This case will not affect your seller performance and we will remove any feedback left for this item. Just note it may take up to 24 hours for you to see changes to your Seller Dashboard.”

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