A shockingly well made PayPal scam email

Just came across this, not what we usually cover but I thought it was worth posting because as far as scam PayPal phishing mails go this one has actually had some effort put in and looks pretty well made. Usually you just get some text, maybe a logo (in the wrong place or badly made) and sometimes some kind of text file or html form to fill in that’s been attached wrong and quite often in the wrong format…

example of paypal scam mail phishing

Click for the bigger picture 

A closer look :

A few things are good and bad about this thing so lets them :

Good :

  • Well laid out
  • Correct logos
  • Formatting looks correct
  • Links made correctly

Bad :

  • PayPal always address you by your name, its missing.
  • PayPal at least from what I know send there emails out in English, this I think is Dutch?
  • From my experience it looks a bit long, PayPal usually tell you to login to your account and sort any issues there.

All in all I can see a few people falling for this one as I mentioned these kind of mails usually look like crap.


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