A short story of a users eBay problem (eBay user horror story)

A eBay user sells a random box of Xbox items, label goes wrong, buyer still gets it claims he does not eBay refund him, then the buyer relists the items even in the same packaging he got them in, the very next day! Is it possible the buyer saw a opportunity here? or was this part of a long thought out money making scam? its eBay probably both…

ebay buyer relisting items scam

Source : www.reddit.com/r/Ebay/comments/1ekk3r/i_have_obviously_been_scammed_anyone_with/ca1irdq

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I once sold a box of controllers and power cords for xbox. Last minute my printer messed up so I paid for delivery at post office, and forgot to get tracking. Two days later I get a message from buyer saying the package hasn’t arrived and that he wants his money back. The next day he listed my controllers separately and my box of wires (in the same box I photographed mine in and the same color hair bands that belonged to my daughter) he got a refund. Lol. Lesson learned

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