A top rated sellers last day on eBay after 16 years

A tale of eBay’s customer service and a seller of 16 years on his last day thanks to eBay’s policies and scam happy buyers. Basically taking the word of a random buyer over there loyal seller. As for being on hold for 3/4 hours I guess eBay think that’s normal.


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This is my my recent and final experience with eBay customer service, which encompasses everything that’s wrong with the site.  
But first lets shed a bit of perspective by stating a few facts. I’ve been selling on eBay for 16 years now, having achieved the top rated seller status along with over 28,300 positive feedbacks, which means, that I excel at customer service and offer good quality products with lighting fast shipping.   Majority of which is free shipping. I back my transactions with a refund policy of at least 30 days, like eBay recommends of its top rated sellers, specially if you want the 20% final value fees which are being cut to 10% as of the Spring seller update of 2017. 

I’ve been there for the whole journey  the golden years, when I would sell 95% of the products I would list, to today where days can pass without even one sale, bid or even inquiry.  While at the same time eBay claims their sales are up in the category I sell in for the previous year.
From time to time I, like all sellers, get a fraudulent buyer.  This time around I get one that I KNOW is making a false claim about one of my products.  But since they know eBay always sides with the buyer no matter what, here is where my story begins……
This particular buyer wants to return the item, but not through my policies, because for that they have to pay for return shipping, which is fair for buyer’s remorse.  (Don’t forget eBay gets a cut of what I charge for shipping too now) 
USPS raised the prices yet AGAIN although gasoline prices are down this time so they can’t blame that.  So in order to remain competitive I haven’t raised the shipping charges for a while and that means the added expense eats away from my measly profit margin.  The buyer claimed the item she received was of a different color and print from the picture on the actual listing.  I asked for a picture to verify the claim before having to pay for the return label, which she rudely denied to send me.  
I called ebay for help, to which you get an agent from a central call center overseas that only reads from a script and has no idea about eBay policies.  But I was deferred to another department for someone “knowledgeable.”  After a few calls later and a few messages to and from the buyer eBay tells me, “We back our sellers 100%, you have the right to ask for proof and if the buyer decides to escalate the case, eBay won’t allow that without the proof you requested.” 
I kept asking the buyer for the proof and of course the person denied and escalated the case.   She was issued a return label at my cost, after I was told by the eBay agent that it wasn’t going to happen.  I called again, got another agent, and this time she says there is nothing that can be done, I need to wait for it to arrive, take pictures of the item and present an appeal, but for the time being there is no point to transfer me to the appeals department, so I waited.  Today I received the item, they were the exact pants I had listed.
I once again call eBay to get this taken care of, I spent 3 hours on hold, I’m not lying or exaggerating, it took me 4 times to get to the right department and I had to call 3 times because either I was transferred to Australia, or hung up on.  In the end I got to the so called “appeals department” to ask how I can present the proof, to which I was told “There was no case to appeal because it was as clear as day, the buyer said the item was wrong and as an internet based company we have to act in good faith.” 
I just had a breakdown and started crying on the phone.  Three hours wasted to be shut down like this?  I continued to have a long talk with “DENISE,” and these are the highlights of the conversation:
Being a top rated seller of 16 years won’t give you credibility with eBay, it’s your fault no matter what.
If your sales are down, you have no clue how to sell on eBay, their sales are always up.  The seller is incompetent and that’s what they tell their shareholders when it’s called to their attention. 
16 years of experience means nothing.  Agents who put food on their table receiving a cushy paycheck, who have never sold anything, know better than you.
When you call, if the agent doesn’t make a note about why you are calling, your claim doesn’t exist, makes sense right?  So why are the agents going to make notes of anything, their behinds are on the line if they make mistakes.  So all the “good advice” never happened, I lied, because I’m  a 16 year seller on eBay and that’s what we do.

eBay is the only and best outlet for online retail, which used to be, not anymore.  This is 2017, not 2004! 🙂 

When dealing with a case you need to use key words, if you mention “buyer’s remorse” in a eBay message with your buyer, then you “may” have a case, since I didn’t want to accuse the person directly I didn’t use the key word, so to hell with me, AND pictures don’t prove anything, buyers can provide pictures if they feel like it but are “not required to.”

And most importantly, sellers can go to hell.  
Since eBay thinks so low of its own sellers, why are buyers going to think differently?
I’ve spent the past day doing research on internet seller forums.  From what I see this is today’s eBay and they seem to be bleeding American sellers, which would explain why most sellers I get every time I want to buy something are based out of China, where they have a different set of rules than us American Peons and their products can take as long 60 days to arrive, which eBay is ok with but if the USPS takes one more day to deliver than estimated, our seller ratings take a hit.
Goodbye eBay, it was fun while it lasted.  
Hello Poshmark, Amazon and Bonanza!
~Helen Waisman
eBay ID:  exclusive76UPDATE: eBay replied:

Today out of the blue, I received a very nice call from corporate where they made very clear there is nothing to be done for now but at least they are aware and working to remedy the issues plaguing eBay sellers. 


  1. Seems to me that the seller could’ve saved herself a whole lot of headache by just authorizing a return and going from there. Imagine if you wanted to return a purchase to Amazon and they asked you to send a picture of your product first. Even if the buyer just had buyers remorse, which look to be the case, they’re not going to admit that. So she decides to say that the item is not as described and wants to return it to save restocking or return fees. The seller should have simply allowed a return and upon inspection submitted an appeal to eBay for the return shipping cost based on the condition of the item once she was able to inspect it. Putting herself through three or four hours of hold on eBay customer service was her own fault. She could’ve avoided this by simply authorizing a return and in the end just taking a hit on the return shipping cost. Cost of doing business.

  2. got a 7 day restriction accused of repeatedly selling outside of ebay. not true. i listed an item on another site that was also listed on ebay. sold it on the other site so ended the ebay listing. because the listing had a phone number emailed to me through ebay they accused me of selling off ebay. EBAY SUCKS!

    1. I think something’s going on lately with this a few people have said that when people have sent them a phone number via the message system eBay came down on them, how can you control what people send you?

      Also eBay don’t want you sending contact details via the message system but if you look on the listings and on the bottom of the listing its all there, in fact I think that’s a requirement by eBay now, so whats that about?

      1. same old “abuse the seller” policy that J.D. loved so much. not only did they accuse me of cheating them but called me a liar , then punished me . Paranoia? i did not wait have already put my listings on another site that i had success selling on years ago during J.D.s reign of terror. my old account is still there with good fback this time will stay there. does not have the traffic ebay has but after a few weeks my stuff shows up in google search results and i make sales. It is also free to list and no final value fees. the site is 13yrs old and still going just fine. patience will be worth it in the long run. i thought ebay had got past the seller bashing phase with the resignation of the J.D. guess they still take sellers for granted. Take my advice, sell your stuff elsewhere. take the time to build up your business with a site that deserves your time because ebay doesnt!

  3. YES, I started selling thing off of ebay in 1999. There was still a big category in PEZ dispenserces. My forte’ was high quality empheral. Away implacable honest and was all was sympathetic to the buyer. If she did not understand the teterminology and mis bought I take the stock back or I would spend hours explaining about the nuances of paper. So I am a 100% DISABLED VETERAN and my health kept me away for awhile.
    Whan I left I had 3000+ positives all 5’s. Well now I cannot get my sells figures back and cannot get the 2017 starting date I’m now taged with, changed to my real started date, 1999 . I am just allowed a new enrollement. Sorry I payed my dues and I am not taking scraps for certified upscale items just so they can push advertising off of my listings . I watched Ebay go from something really fun and interesting to corporate tight sour puckers. What a piss in the punch bowl sophomoric delegation to freshman for corporate leadership that EBay became by rolling in the skunk carcass of Meg Whitman to hide the Ebay smell on those $5000 “power” suits. Like Taliban wearing deodorant. They still forgot to take a bath.

  4. Sounds normal. I was with ebay for years, ebay shut me down due to buyers making up nonsense. Ebay sides with the buyers, not the seller of 15 years. Very poor operating ethics as usual for companies these days.

  5. It’s not just ebay. Doing business on the Internet is a gamble because buyers can do chargebacks (steal from you) for any reason under the sun and the merchant is obligated to prove why the cardholders bank should give the money back. So many dishonest people out there have made it to where selling as a business almost isn’t worth the risk of losing so much.

  6. I’ve been observing eBay for years, and was the 1st Tampa Bay area dealer to sell cars on eBay. Their social media reputation management trolls are the worst.

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