Amazon A to Z guarantee returned item scam

Found this little bit of info from a while ago. Part of Amazons terms which basically gives you a free ride to scam whatever you want from Amazon marketplace sellers but not from Amazon in house sales. Basically you can get a refund weather you return the item or not. Think about that…

amazon guarantee marketplace scam
Checkout everything and never pay ever. A to Z guarantee!

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Ebay and Amazon making things impossible for casual sellers.

Once in a while I sell things I don’t need anymore (ebay) or textbooks I’m done using on amazon. I’ve never had even one problem in nearly 10 years. Over 40 items. This year I sold a total of 3 things and had 3 problems. 2 ebay and 1 amazon. Ebay/Paypal basically always side with the buyer now, and all you get is canned responses from them. I sold a book on Amazon and someone made a false statement about the condition of the book. (Note: I bought the book used on amazon, skimmed about 2 chapters for a class and resold it a month and a half later) Here is a clip from their new policy they emailed me.

Because you listed an item in a different condition than the one >advertised on the detail page, the item was materially different than >described, and the buyer is automatically eligible for the A-to-z >Guarantee, whether they return the item or not. We always >hope that sellers and buyers are able to work out a transaction >before resorting to the Guarantee, but once a Guarantee claim is >filed, we must take appropriate action from our end. We have >reimbursed the buyer and your seller account will be debited. If >you’d like to view our Policies, Glossary and FAQs, please visit:>nodeId=1161242

Thank you for choosing

So just make a claim and get the item for free? Nice. I know Amazon doesn’t give this offer with the products they sell in house. Me going from no claims in 10 years, to 3 claims in 1 shows that buyers have picked up on this. So if you want to give your stuff away choose Amazon/Ebay. If you want free stuff, just buy used and make some claim. No one will even check and you’ll get the item free. I guess we just need to stick to CL now.


  1. A-Z guarantee is a joke! I ain’t selling my products there ever again. Amazon likes to shake hands with thieves.

  2. wow, not seen that myself. I as looking to sell on amazon but I just keep giving up try to figure it out. Though if they are going down ebays route then I don’t think I will bother.

    Selling on online market places is just a easy way to scam people. Annoying thing is, I know a guy who still has 100% feedback and isn’t getting any problems. Though it will be interested to see how long he can keep up 100% before the scammers get hold of him.

    I have loads of items I need to sell, Though no way would I ever consider selling on ebay or amazon these days. Ebay used to be great, buy and sell stuff, it was a online carboot sale. Now its just a gambling site where the odds of you keeping your money and sanity are not very good. Better odds to bet on the horses!

  3. I sold an item on amazon 45 days ago. The buyer contacted amazon saying he was missing parts of the product claiming it was supposed to come with more than was advertised. The ad was correct and not misleading, he received everything as advertised. this buyer never contacted me but only amazon. i received an email from amazon saying such, and i responded not once, not twice, but 3 times. i didnt hear anything about it for a week so i figured they got it straightened out. i then receive an email from a company called A to Z saying they were going to refund the buyer. the email said because i didn’t respond to their previous email within 3 days, they were siding with the buyer. the problem is, they never sent me an email. how could i respond to something i never received? i immediatly emailed both amazon and a to z, telling them this buyer was a fraud and i had never had any communication from a to z. i then get another email from a to z saying they are still siding with the buyer, and get THIS, the buyer DOES NOT have to return the item. this was a $400 item. over the next 45 days i have spoken to supervisor after supervisor, calling once a week and being on the phone for over an hour every time with someone that couldn’t bother to read the previous notes on the account, explaining, screaming, pleading my case to a robot that just says ‘im sorry’ ‘i understand how you feel’ and that it will be ‘escalated’. it had been escalated 4 times now. my final call with them, i got tired of hearing the same lame sentences and asked to speak to a supervisor for the 100th time now. i finally asked the supervisor if they had the ability to either credit my amazon account or refund money. she said customer service can. not ONE person previously in my 7 phone calls to amazon had bothered to mention that to me. she transfered me to customer service where i gave my story – again, and i told her i had a lawyer ready who had reviewed the actions of amazon and found this deeply disturbing and we were ready to file paperwork. (amazon claims there is no phone number for a to z, only an email address to contact them, i find it fascinating a billion dollar company does business with another company that doesn’t even have a phone numer) I don’t know if i just finally caught the right person at the right time, but within 5 minutes she credited my amazon account. It just so happens i need to purchase something from amazon that is the same amount as my refund, that’s why i gave them the option of either a credit to the account or cash back. a credit to the amazon account probably looks better to them then cash. this is a warning that ANY buyer on amazon can file these claims for any reason what so ever and they do not have to return the produt. i have read of a ton of other people getting scammed so i am posting this to let people know to contact customer service, NOT the seller center for a refund. and maybe threaten to sue them.

    ****I am reposting this on as many forums as I can find to educate people to call customer service and NOT the seller center!!****

  4. How do we do a class action lawsuit against Amazon? I sold a brand new laptop for $5000. Buyer used it for 3 weeks and then reported something wrong with software issues when it wasn’t even damaged on arrival. Buyer has the laptop and A-to-Z gave them back their money.

    1. I wish I knew the answer to that. The only problem with class action lawsuits its seems this companys get off light and when you do win you end up with a really crappy outcome of like $50 after 5 years of arguing. There behaviour is criminal.

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