Article from DailyMail about eBay/PayPal (mostly it seems)

Article from the DailyMail (30/11/13) about a woman who got scammed for a pram on eBay. From what I can tell she completed the sale outside of eBay and paid via bank transfer (bad idea), but the articles comments are the real gold, generally pissed off eBay/PayPal and now even Gumtree users appearing and telling there stories. I will mirror some of the comments in case they get taken off.

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Stock photo of woman getting scammed apparently.

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Mum-to-be cheated over eBay pram

Target: Natasha Russell, with partner Paul West and their son Kai, 3, fell victim to fraudsters when she was pregnant
Target: Natasha Russell, with partner Paul West and their son Kai, 3, fell victim to fraudsters when she was pregnant
Cyber scammers targeted Natasha Russell while she was pregnant with her son Kai and cheated her out of £180 when trying to buy a pram online.
Natasha, 38, who lives in Plymouth with her partner Paul West, 43, a cafe owner, bid for the item on eBay.
The seller contacted Natasha by email, offering to end the listing and sell directly. Natasha agreed and tried to pay via PayPal but the transaction was rejected.
‘The woman said there was some problem with her email address, which was why the payment didn’t work, and asked if I could pay via bank transfer instead,’ says Natasha.
‘I did, which I regret, because after that it was lie after lie every time I chased up the delivery. She would say she just needed to package it up, or some other excuse, but I never received it.’
Natasha, who works in IT, says she was lulled into a false sense of security because she had the woman’s email address and telephone number, but ultimately these details provided no security net.
She advises others to stick within the confines of a website’s own insured payment system, where you can better expect redress if something goes wrong.
She says: ‘The whole thing was an absolute shambles but I have learned from that. I’m still buying and selling bits and pieces online, but I always stay within the guidelines to benefit from PayPal’s guarantees.’


The comments : (did not have to pick the best they were all saying the same bad things everyone knows, not 1 comment on that article had anything good to say about eBay)

I’m fed up warning Ebay of obvious scams without success. They don’t seem to give a dam that users are being ripped off on their site.
Ebay simply don’t care if there is a scam. I collected evidence from 8 other sellers that a buyer repeatedly claimed a refund saying their items had failed to arrive. This was after the seller had left positive feedback for prompt payment. A very clever scam as paypal automatically refunds the buyer and you are unable to change the feedback. Never leave feedback if you sell via ebay, then at least you can leave negative feedback if your buyer rips you off.


One thing you should look out for on eBay if a seller has made the listing private you cannot see who you are bidding against. Do not buy they could be and most probably have other accounts to bid the price up and look at the sellers rating and profile


Be warned if your pay pal account gets hacked, they won’t refund a single penny. I got my money refunded by the bank. I have refused to use pay pal since. 6 years later pay pal is still not secure.


Do not trust pay pal. I got hacked and pay pal said they wouldn’t do anything. My bank refunded me the money. Pay pal are useless if someone gets your account details.

Ref “Online payment system PayPal offers ¿buyer protection¿, promising a refund plus postage costs if an item either does not arrive or if it fails to match a seller¿s description. ” eBat / PayPal so called ¿buyer protection¿ is A LIE . Yes a lie! I received faulty good (i have a picture to show it did not work) so I returned it. I have the proof of postage from the post office but because I did not have the good tracked/signed for. The seller claims he did not receive them and eBAY decided that the seller did not have to refund me. So ” eBat / PayPal so called ¿buyer protection¿ is A LIE . Yes a lie!


I had an item which was sold ‘with tags’ but didn’t & therefore did not match description. Refunded by PayPal no problem. No problems with either ebay or PayPal in over 10 yrs, it has been the sellers who have been at fault in EACH case.


Beware of chinese sellers making out they are based in the UK, check the contact details at the bottom of the ebay page.


To be fair ebay didnt cheat you over your pram. You decided to go ‘off piste’ yourself. Stick to eBay and paypal its safe enough. Sniping is my major upset it ruins auctions. Should be banned.


pay pal is best? Best for what? Best for fraud in my opinion. They’re based in Luxembourg bypassing the sale of goods act & the buyer can reverse the transaction thus ending up with the goods for free.


No it isn’t munetoneb. Paypal allow scammers to take money for nothing and will do nothing about it. My boss was phoned and warned of a computer virus on his PC and they presented some plausible explanation to prove it to him. They said they were a subsiduary of Microsoft and could remove the virus on-line for a fee and protect him from the virus ever infecting his PC again. He paid up via Paypal and just minutes afterwards asked me about it. I proved to him after a couple of minutes research that it was a scam and told him to get in touch with Paypal to refund his money and stop the scam. Paypal refused a refund and refused to stop the scammers carrying on with the scam. Nice little earner for Paypal I suppose as they get a percentage of every transaction and they really don’t care what the transaction involves. If they could get away with people trafficking for a fee, they would do it. For any purchase over a hundred pounds, you are better off using your credit card.



The biggest scammers are e-bay themselves. Not only do they take a % of the sale price but they are now charging 10% of the postage costs! Surely this must be illegal.


Paypal is NOT a safe way to be paid if the goods are collected in person. and has been admitted by a Paypal employee on a forum…….. “Re: PAYPAL FRAUD on Oct-19-2011 ……. If you are receiving a payment from a buyer who wants to pick the item up from you, you should request that they pay you cash on collection when they are picking the item up from you……….. I hope this information helps, David. PayPal_David….. Moderator…. ” I was the victim of such a scam. Paypal/ebay are a de facto monopoly.This is an unfair t&c because it leaves the seller open to crime without any means of protection The insecure nature of these paypal payments are serious because EBAY UK does NOT allow sellers to delete paypal as payment method [except for cars] It MUST be accepted by sellers leaving them no protection


eBay is a safe haven for fraudsters. Their dispute process favours the lies of fraudsters. I rarely buy now from eBay and if I do it’s only low value items. Be Warned – eBay is a fraudsters paradise!



Had the same problem 7 years ago with Paypal, spotted it before my credit card was debited, in those good old days Nationwide put a stop on my credit card and issued a new one within a couple of days. Told Paypal and hit a brick wall. Paypal then had the audacity to send me an email nearly 3 months later saying they thought my account had been hacked, closed the Paypal account months earlier and still they hastle me to open it again, so much so I blocked their emails.


i bought some sunglasses which werent actually fit for purpose as the lenses kept falling out but also was told they were prescription sunglasses which they were not, confirmed by an optician, and I make a claim through paypal and was told that that tough luck basically. I ended up going through consumer direct who said to do chargeback through my bank who refunded me so i seriously begrude using Paypal / Ebay. Maybe someone needs to do a start doing a decent website where a seller can actually leave the appropriate feedback too for a buyer/ seller instead of removing it for top sellers, as this person definitely wasnt a top seller! (I have over 500 + feedback selling and buying and not a negative)


One problem with E bay is the Chinese companies who sell very shoddy goods from a UK address. I purchased a Hard drive Caddy they sent the wrong one contact details were a bit odd my Email was answered from China. It appears they had set up some sort of warehouse/packaging facility in the UK with nobody that could manage problems, after three tries and visits to the post office with returned goods they cancelled the sale. thus stopping me putting in feedback. they then refused to refund me until the last faulty item was recieved by them.


I made 3 listings, priced to sell, on Gumtree at the weekend. I believe Ebay owns Gumtree. Anyway, I deactivated my account a few minutes ago as all I got were ppl pretending to be interested, not turning up etc. But they always wanted to get my phone number. I only used the email thingy in Gumtree. Do they hire ppl to make Gumtree an awful experience or it manages that all on it’s own?


As a seller on ebay it is amazing how many parcels apparently never seem to get to the buyer, yes paypal offering to refund at whatever issue is a scam Ebay and paypal is open to any dishonest person how thinks they will get something for free and claim ti have never received. simply can not believe the post office lose that man parcels.


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  1. A good read.

    I remember a buyer who was scamming people, he would leave bad feedback and the seller would refund him if he revised his feedback. He was doing this again and again and again, it was clear in his profile. I wish I took a screenshot of it sooner, as mysteriously all but 2 of these revised feedbacks in his feedback vanished!!! I mean WTF ?!

    Only ebay can remove feedback comments, which there never seem to do, and yet someone who is scamming sellers clear as day has pages of feedback removed. Can only assume someone from ebay was running that account, scamming people then deleting their own feedback.

    Anyone who thinks ebay is great and works well and never have any problems must be totally blind. once you really get into it all, any sane person would run a mile!

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