Attempt at building a bad buyers list (eBay buyer black list?)

After looking through the keywords and searches I have found a popular search string is usually something along the lines of buyer blacklist, eBay bad buyer list etc. all the sites I have found on the internet seem to have a good start and then kind of drop off after a few months/years I do not know why so for the time being I am going to put peoples submissions on a page (LINK), you can submit the info you have in the comments or send it in.

ebay bad buyer black list
Found this on Facebook on a similar ebay fan site lol last updated 24/06/2013 – Has a list of 2504 users at this time. To there master list this one looks really promising they scrub there list every now and again to remove deleted user names, keeps it real fresh :

A Facebook attempt I think its in Thai, seems last update was April 2013 : – A few entries last one was April 2013 does not seem to be many listed, what it does have are searches by user, phone, address, ip and some other useful info gatherings tools :

eBay Buyer Blacklist blog – Last updated 2011 has a few blocks of names, prob not alot still in use sadly 🙁 : – I think this one was last updated in 2010 : – Last updated 22/02/2012, seems to have ran for a few years (first post 2009) has loads of comments with peoples stories in : – Another Facebook black list page, last updated May 2013 : – Long dead since 2005, it does show though a little bit of story with each entry which is nice to have the whole picture : – The last entry I think is May 2013, seems to list 1 users run in with bad buyers and alot of detail to fill the story with what happened :


  1. Block eBay USER: javielpajarito
    From: Spain

    Check out the negative feedback this joker has left poor innocent sellers who he has scammed. He claims he didn’t get the items he ordered, but from that many sellers. Then he asks them to send them out more free stuff. I am surprised eBay hasn’t kicked him off yet. Look at all the negative feedbacks he’s left other sellers. If you want to give away free stuff, he’s your man. Block him, especially if you are a high-volume seller. He seems to target mostly high-volume sellers who don’t take out tracking. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Just check out how many negs. he’s left others.

    1. Of all the feedback he leaves around 90-95% are negative, I went through all the pages of his feedback, there almost all negatives, he seems to constantly claim he does not receive the items, if he was losing that many items you think he would check his end of the post surely… I presume the few positives he left was sellers who played his little game and gave in.

      Here he is :

      Here is a thread from eBays forum from a seller talking about him :

      All the negatives he has left sellers :

      Some Chinese Blacklists he made it onto :

  2. One of the buyers I had problems with had page after page of “revised feedback”. After contacting other sellers on his page, they said he was making up anything and it boils down to that sellers had to pay him to change his feedback. This is after his kept the item and got a refund.

    I just check the guys page, and there is only 2 revised feedbacks now, I am totally shocked. Where have they all gone ???? He was revising feedbacks into good ones, so why have they vanished ?!

    There is something very screwy going on with the feedback system somewhere, it was totally clear by his feedback that he was revising bad ones into good ones, and yet, all this evidence has vanished now ?!

    I really am shocked about this, ebay sux from start to end, but they must have removed pages of “revised feedbacks” almost every transaction he had was a revised feedback and now, he only has 2!! Why are ebay covering up this ???

    1. its amazing to also note with that javielpajarito guy, firstly, he has been doing it since 2011, only the odd few, then the past year, almost every one bad feedback.

      It just proves again that sellers were reporting these problems over 2 years ago, and it just got worse this past year.

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