Buyer claims to have had a empty box delivered? (eBay horror story)

Really? this is the best they could think of? I thought the days of the empty box back and forth scam were well and truly over with the scammer’s moving onto much more elaborate scams thanks to eBay’s every evolving scam loving rules. Don’t know how you could work your way out of this one, however this seller has photos of whats in the box (apparently).

ebay empty box dispute scam not as described
eBay buyers and staff live like this.

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Buyer claims I sent them an empty box, I show them photographs of me packing and wrapping the box with the item inside, they stop responding and just leave negative feedback.


So, this old scam. I’ve heard of it happening, never had it done to me before.

They never filed a claim, I assume because they know they are lying, and that my pictures prove it, but they left negative feedback anyway.

I’ve responded to the negative feedback, saying that I showed him the photos of the package and that it was not empty. Now what?


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  1. Same old problems again, even if you video you packing the box, taking it to post office, sending it with full tracking, ebay will still rule with the buyer for “empty box” or alike lies.

    Fact is, buyers should check the contents of the box upon delivery, if they sign for it, they have accepted it, THATS IT. however, ebay jump the postal rules system and invent their own which you have to obey like one of gods commandments.

    They seem to have appointed themselves as a higher authority over the courier companies who are actually delivering the stuff. I wish I could get away with things like that! would save me a fortune in taxes!

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