Buyers can still leave negative feedback even when a seller has won a case?

Found this post from 2012 about a seller who has won a dispute that a buyer opened against him for a item that he did not receive because it ended up in some kind of mail depot, anyhow the seller wins the case as they was able to show the mail company screwed up and have the item… however the buyer can still leave the seller negative feedback even after getting a full refund and it being shown the sellers not at fault.

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Feedback…just text really, but it can screw up your day.

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I had a buyer purchase an item, I shipped within 24 hours with tracking, the post office damaged the package? Somehow it ended up at the Mail recovery center. I can file a claim and get my item back(hopefully) but then still have to pay for the item to be reshipped to the buyer. The item was£9.26 ($15) with free shipping-shipping was £3.71 ($6,), per eBay buyer protection, I have thoroughly completed my end of the transaction and have no obligation to refund the money. HOWEVER, if I do not refund the money, the buyer can still leave bad feedback even though I was not at fault.


So now I am out the £9.26 ($15,), pl£3.71 (us $6) shipping, shipping materials cost and the cost of the item.


Even though I am still in the right, the buyer still wins…I did offer a partial refund, minus the shiping, the buyer was not happy and ended up with a full refund even though it was not my fault at all. AND the buyer can still leave me bad feedback.




Would love to hear any other seller’s views.  I know that this is just a cost of selling, but when you are a small time seller, it reall eats into any small profit there may be. I really think there should be more protection for the seller.


  1. ebay should just get on with it and just ban *all* the sellers and have done with it all. Then ebay can have 100% buyers who can be 100% happy as they do not have to have the risk of buying anything from such evil sellers.

    I was saying to my other half just last week, I am so glad I sold the majority of my stock when I did. It was sold at a fraction of a loss and cost £100’s in ebay fees of course, though seeing how ebay is still going down hill it was he best thing I could have ever done. These days its more profitable not to sell items on ebay.

    ebay is just a place which costs you time and money to sell things, and as a added bonus you get a kick in the teeth for all your hard work.

    Looking deeper, with so many scammers, it shows a point about how society is progressing doesn’t it ?

    1. I stuck with piles of stuff and no where for it to go, eBay just ruined everything for the little guy, i’m sure there plan is to become a shopping site like Amazon.

      We can tell the grand kids about a time when you could sell anything online, wonder if they will believe us?

      As for society and scammer’s its getting worse, just the other day I saw someone shop lifting glow sticks from PoundLand.

      Everyone wants something for less than nothing and you to be grateful for that honor they let you work for them.

  2. Amazon does not seem to sell anything like the stuff it used to years ago. Same with ebay really. I used to buy all kinds of “useful junk” but I think it all got worse when “buy it now” came about. A lot of sellers just don’t bother anymore. Others just want stupid prices for basically junk which nobody really wants. I see sellers wanting £150 and over for items that you could pick up for less than £10 years ago.

    It gets me how when I really get stuck, I end up looking to ebay for items, seller has item for say £75 and even though they do not have the “open to offers” thing up, I still email and offer say £50.

    Normally on items that have been listed over and over for months with next to zero views… and they refuse to sell it for a few quid less.. Months later the same item is still up for the same price. I mean, how much exactly are they spending in listing fees each time ? Simple logic seems to escape so many people. Again only people making any money is ebay.

    I still have items I want to sell, but “everyone” goes to ebay, which no way I will deal with anymore. Even so, I just cant be bothered even buying stuff from ebay. I just use ebay as a “shopping search tool” then find a website who is selling that item and buy it that way. Me thinks more people should do that :p

    1. I just use eBay as a “shopping search tool”

      LoL I do that, look for keywords on something I am not totally sure what it is and then go Google it, i’ve found loads of stuff cheaper from normal online stores that way.

      Everyone does go to eBay the rate of new accounts must be covering up the old ones closing surely by now, is there really that many people still trying to sign up?

      Even if a buyer does screw up they just open up a new account, I don’t know how eBay enforce multi accounts, but buyers get away with everything anyhow.

  3. Yeah ebay is the new “google shopping” lol Like you say, normally I am not 100% sure what stuff is called so ebay makes a useful “work it out” tool. Then just go buy else where, normally cheaper, depends on the item.

    Problem is now with ebay, sellers are forced for free postage, so if you want to buy more than 1 item, you end up paying postage lots of times. Where as I can just go on a website and buy items half price and only pay postage once.

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