Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

A small collection of thoughts on eBay/PayPal that have been recently gathered up from various threads some from eBay’s own forums, which don’t stay on there too long as you can guess. Again the same old stories crazy fees and buyers lies along with no support from eBay.

ebay sales numbers falling sellers leaving
Clueless as usual

Back in the day eBay was awesome. Now it’s just a front for actual stores/small businesses. The normal person can’t use it for what it was originally intended. Plus, they nickel & dime you to death.
They can go fuck themselves.

Back in the day eBay was awesome. Now it’s just a front for actual stores/small businesses. The normal person can’t use it for what it was originally intended. Plus, they nickel & dime you to death.
They can go fuck themselves.

10% fee for selling and of course paypal charges you on top of that. we know they’re the same company, why can’t they waive the paypal fee since you’re going through ebay?

After ebay fees, paypal fees, packaging and going to the post office along with paypal’s horrible exchange rates for us Canadians, it’s easily 20-30% of the sale price and it’s a big pain in the butt. You’re better off just selling stuff at a slightly reduced rate on the classifieds unless it’s a very specific collector’s item.

Paypal fees arent that bad
That shits terrible. I pay 12% to the ebay/paypal combo. The other 2 sites I sell on are less than 3%. Thats significant.

eBay fees are more like 12-13%, then paypal fees, then they also charge their fees on the shipping costs now.

ebay definitely used to be much better in its og days. you could find rare stuff and often find great deals on other stuff. now its just shattered iphones and the shit you said

Ebay owes me a duck call. I still sell stuff there, but I also hold a tiny, duck call-sized grudge.
Guy bought a duck call. Says it was for calling geese. Ebay had just rolled out this automated returns process, so I thought they were taking care of it. Turns out that this is not the case. Ebay refunded the guy without having him return the item. So the guy got a free duck call.
Ebay owes me a duck call.

I had my entire paypal account locked because I had too much money go into it from selling stuff on ebay, can’t even refund people. I am unable to pay ebay fees, so I’m banned from ebay now – someone opened a disupte over something I sent being marginally damaged, they said they were okay with a $12 refund or to be able to send it back. But I can’t give them money so after 10 days they got a full refund($60) and kept the item.
I have to submite proof of identity and address to paypal, submitted proof of address oct 31 and it got rejected – resubmitted something else on the 19th and 25th, I rang them(before I lost that $60) and they said they can’t help me as “it is in the process of being reviewed so you will have to wait for that. It takes 24-48 hours”
Going through customer service for ebay or paypal just sends you into a giant fucking loop of “check our faq > email them > link you to faq > email them again > “You will have to wait several days while we process it” > email them after several days > here is our faq…

Plus, they nickel & dime you to death.
That. I know people, myself included, who have made sales on Ebay. However getting hit with a 30% tax every time is kind of f*cking ridiculous. You basically need to be making a ton of high payoff sales, or making a lot of high-profit-margin little sales.

The take 10% for themselves, then another 10% through PayPal. I sold a bunch of old clothes recently and was shocked when I had a bill from eBay for a few hundred dollars.


  1. ebay has just become a big money grabbing corporate venture rather than a way for people to buy and sell stuff at auctions. Ebay filled a void back in the day for people to sell stuff all over the UK rather than just at car boot sales with limited people looking. Ebay was great as it allowed the small people to sell unwanted stuff quickly and easily. These days, ebay are just contributing to land fill sites. I just bin my stuff these days, no point in doing a lot of work jumping though hoops just to end up in a dispute where I lose the item and my cash. Cheaper and easier not to bother than try and sell stuff these days.

    I have tried selling in other media, sites, admag newspapers , carboots, etc etc, ebay pretty much killed the whole lot. Now ebay have left a big void that they once filled. Another good idea for the economy ruined. I bet its opened up some jobs for landfill workers though.

  2. Oh my gosh, I came upon this website and I have read thousands of comments in the last few weeks all over the web. Ebay and Paypal definitely suck. They rake sellers over the coals, especially the small, loyal sellers who have been with them for years. All one has to do is read on complaints boards for the plethora of negative comments regarding ebay abuse. In case anyone is searching for new sites there’s a new one coming up called Jet and they’re giving away free memberships. I’m online telling as many people about it as possible because Ebay sellers who made them what they are today deserve better treatment.

  3. Im a buyer on ebay–I just had a horriable experience with a sale that was cancelled on ebay (the seller was best-buy) When I tried to find out what was going on I got nothing but the un-around from ebay—over 2 hours spent on the phone with ebay getting shuffled from one person to the other–I was even sent to HONG KONG!!!!!—I have read the comments sellers have about ebay, but I can tell you as a buyer its not any better—THEY JUST DONT CARE!!!! IM DONE WITH THEM!!!

    1. “but I can tell you as a buyer its not any better—THEY JUST DONT CARE!!!!”

      This seems to be a more recent thing judging by the reports that have been coming, it seems that eBay has now been able to p*ss everyone off. The tables have slightly turned back in favour of the seller, can only guess its because they was losing too many sellers and it was hurting there share value, so how long before the table turns back again.

      eBay only care about themselves and no one else, your just 1 theres another 10 then can milk for a few months before they go and get replaced by another 10. I have no idea how a business can run like that but when your the only game in town you can do what you want.

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