Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

Random collection of users thoughts on eBay/PayPal gathered up from various places wherever eBay just happened to be mentioned, maybe its worth noting that in any totally unrelated forum post, thread, email at any point someone mentions eBay or PayPal a crap load of stories start coming out from random users, what does that tell you? The original thread could have been about how to shave a cat, but the min eBay somehow works its way in there everything goes to sh*t.

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There are tales where paypal freeze your account for upto 180 day, and the can because you agree to it when you sign up.

Thats easy, When paypal freeze your personal account you may just have a few quid in it, But when the freeze your business account with possibly hundreds of pounds in it with no warning, then that could seriously affect your companies Cashflow


There are tales where paypal freeze your account for upto 180 day, and the can because you agree to it when you sign up.

Not bad mouthing them off, just telling the truth, my company lost over £780 thanks to the theives at paypal and it took me 7 months and a further £80 in county court fee’s to get my money back.

You just need to do a google to read some of the horror stories, don’t take my word for it and then make your mind up, paypal has one of the worst Customer services when things go wrong, and the fact that they left the UK becaused they didn’t want to be tied to the new financial regulations on the use of electronic money, what kind of image does that portray to the customer in the UK?

ebay is hard to sell even if you over come those things. You have constantly deal with impossible customers and ebay rules of dsrs lower than 1 percent. I have a hard time for item description under 1 percent. I do everything they tell me to do and still nothing. I get positive feedback and people still leave a low dsr for the item and I have no idea why. like recently I sold brand new watch . Customer says great watch , but leaves a low dsr for item as described. WTF , I struggle all the time with this .

you 100% right.
yesterday my account got suspended… no reason from ebay… they dont answer my email as well..
ebay is cr*p.

Running a business via PayPal (accepting payments) goes something like this:
Sell product
Customer pays $$
Ship product
Customer claims they never received it, product is defect or whatever
Customer gets money back from PayPal
Business always loses if they bother to make it a case
PayPal has a lot of power and usually defends the customer even without any hard proof that the customers complaints are based on anything..

this method also works
Sell Product
Make tons of money real fast
Money becomes frozen

Go with formerly known as they have been up for a decade by now. Safe secure waaaay better than paypal. At least they dont fucking steal my 3400 USD like fucking paypal did.

they are not using it not because they hadn’t heard of it. Paypal charges 4% commission and has appaling reputation for businesses/sellers

That’s why I stopped selling on eBay. People would leave me no feedback, or leave me stupid feedback. I sold a broken and non-working HTC Evo a few years back. CLEARLY was marked as broken and non-working. I said that you could see the screen if you held it at an angle, and the phone turned on, but needed to be fixed.
Some jackass bought it, then left me negative feedback because he couldn’t fix it. THEN he had the audacity to open a claim. Of course, eBay sided with him. I tried to get the feedback removed, since it was CLEARLY marked as “broken” and listed in the “for parts” section of eBay. The rep didn’t care.
“The buyer is entitled to their opinion. We won’t remove feedback unless they threatened you with it prior, tried to extort you, or use foul language.” So I asked the lady, “So, if he left me negative feedback for this phone and said, ‘This phone wouldn’t let me time travel to the past and kill Hitler’, you wouldn’t remove that?” short pause of silence….”Sir, we don’t remove negative feedback except for the reasons I already gave you.”
I sold off the rest of the phones I had and haven’t sold again since. Fuck eBay.

My store sells a TON of stuff on eBay, over 16000 listings and counting. You would not believe the negative feedback we sometimes get. Order something at 3 am local time and expect it to be at your house on the other side of the world 5 hours later? EBay customers do. Enjoy that negative feedback!!!
Once we sold something to a buyer in Russia early in the morning. They emailed a follow up question that was not responded too (outside of the automatic response) until 9 am local time (about 3 hours later). Negative feedback!! We argued with eBay about getting it removed, and were told that we had to respond to ALL emails within an hour, and if we couldn’t afford a staff big enough to do that we shouldn’t be in business.
I asked to speak to their supervisor and was informed that they only had one on staff certain times of the day and one wouldn’t be available until the next morning. I promptly responded that they shouldn’t be in business if they can’t get back to me within the hour and was met with silence for about 30 seconds. STILL couldn’t get the negative removed.
Screw ebay~

Never even mind the “negative feedback” how about when they straight up seize your property under the “term of service” and their policy of siding with the customer under any and all circumstances.
It’s entirely foolish to be a small business on if you’re selling anything of any real value -unless you’re cool with someone occasionally stealing stuff from you with no recourse…

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