Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

Here is another random collection of comments gathered up from a UK Daily Mail article on the wonder that is eBay and how it is making people millions from there spare rooms… I really did genuinely struggle to find anyone actually praising eBay in the comments at all, it was like there was no positive comments, I went thru pages looking the ranking system was no help all the highest ranked comments were anti-eBay, so what does that tell you?

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All the hard work you do you basically working for Ebay hardly making profit & still pay Ebay Fees.

Erm I sold a large ticket item awhile back well I say large, it sold for just under £400 after the constant charges including pay pal (which ebay own by the way) in total they took over £100 in charges a rip off. You cant make money on there. Oh and Ive noticed they take a cut of the postage costs too. Its a waste of time.

The problem with eBay is that your average joe can’t make enough money from it without all the fees. If you’re selling 100’s of products a day you will no doubt make a good margin every month, but for the everyday person the fees are quite disrespectful.

You need to sell as someone above, ‘junk’ that cost almost nothing to pick up, or buy bulk that gives a high profit margin. Ebay Pay Pal and shipping can be substantial. It worked really well for me a few years back, but when tried last year it was useless, and I still have some stock I know won’t sell at a fair price and make a profit.

You can make a living selling on eBay, but it’s nowhere as easy as it’s made out to be. It would be interesting to see their actual profit margins after all the fees, that BOTH eBay and PayPal charge.

Couldn’t agree more. Recently I sold something for £20, the person wanted a refund even though there was nothing wrong with it (they just didn’t like the size), and I only refunded the item not the shipping but still ended up having to pay ebay fees. Very silly

Universal Gadgets came top? I bought a phone from them earlier on in the year and had to send it back within a week because it didnt work. They then tried to tell me that because they didnt physically receive it back until after 14 days from the original payment date (bearing in mind it took 3 days to get to me) that they wouldnt give me a refund. Their customer service is terrible! So many excuses! I had to get Ebay involved in the end who got me a full refund………….Awful company!

A useful tip to people selling on eBay. If you sell something and the buyer falsely claims that it’s not as described, you lose the postage cost both ways! Someone I know sold a pristine article of jewellery and the buyer claimed it was damaged. It was then received back, still in pristine condition. The buyer clearly changed their mind or just wanted to wear it for one occasion. My friend was £10 out of pocket for a sale that didn’t happen and will never sell there again.

Most people I know who sell on Ebay barely scrape a living. Ebay and Paypal fees, con-artist buyers, and trying to compete with China are all the major hurdles.

The biggest winner is GREEDY PAY PAL

I’m an eBay seller. It’s a very tough selling environment and I wouldn’t recommend new sellers to join. I’m sticking it out for now but I don’t know for how much longer. Only people getting rich off my hard work is eBay, Delivery supplier & the tax man.

No mention of profit- ebay is usually the big winner

I struggle to sell anything on eBay now, it’s got too big, it used to be a nice easy site to use, now it’s over complicated with high ranking sellers taking over making it almost impossible for everyday people to sell anything.

Considering the extortionate fees eBay charges it’s a wonder they make any money at all

Wish someone would re-invent a new auction site and recapture the original charm eBay once had. It’s great as a general marketplace but the original intent has long gone now.

EBay is doing so well you can now pay by cc. This would never have been allowed in the past. Frees have risen and stopped many people using ebay.

Ebay has more than its fair share of con artist sellers. And you just try getting ebay to do anything about it!!!

My partner bought a ‘designer’ coat. When it arrived it looked and stank like it was something out of the dog’s basket. And it wasn’t even cheap, she paid over £300 for it. My partner contacted the seller and was told by the seller ‘tough, that’s life, now stop bothering me or I’ll sue you for harassment’ We complained to eBay/PayPal and they said we had to get the coat professionally evaluated by a clothing professional who could verify the garment was a fake. But that cost us £50. Yes we got our money back – but cost us £50 and the cost of time going to the clothing professional and time tracking one down who would write a document for Paypal. Incidentally, the clothing expert said this was not a rare occurrence for him – checking fake designer clothes bought on eBay and subject to complaint

Totally agree with the above post. If I get ripped off by a seller and they haven’t sent the item recorded, I claim I have not received it. This way you do get your money back without all of the hassle and having to pay for the return (for which you won’t get reimbursed). Yes it’s below the belt tactics, but so are the sellers who are dishonest. eBay sellers never used to be like this, but it’s changed in the last 5 years, which is why I go Amazon mostly now.

It used to be great selling on ebay, just a selling platform as they used to tell us years ago. Now they tell you how much postage you can charge, how big and how many photos you should use, what item specifics to use, what payment methods you have to use and how much your starting bid should be!

And be careful because most items now are much more expensive than shops…

e bay is very expensive way to sell your goods, you have to pay them a big chunk, then another lump to PayPal – there are other cheaper alternatives to selling your junk on Ebay

Blimey i wonder what ebay made on fees , i stopped using ebay as the fees are just beyond a joke

eBay is what it was anymore. The site has been really unfair to small business and have been forced to leave eBay with the new seller rating system. The small time sellers are the very reason for eBay success. Now we have been used and shoved. I would not recommend any sellers to sell on eBay.

Tried selling on E-bay many times, might have made a few quid, but it’s not worth it. With packaging and shipping cost, e-bay fees and time spent on selling the product I concluded the only one making money from E-bay is E-bay!

On May 1st, eBay changed their policies cutting the free listings to small and medium sized sellers without “eBay Shop”. Coincidentally a month before traffic to small and medium sellers was cut by about 85% and those with the “Basic” and “Featured” Shops are complaining their traffic has been cut in half while eBay was pushing their “Anchor” Shops for “only” £217.38 a month. Can you trust a company that throttles visitors to your pages so they can upsell you to their much more expensive services? Long time users are abandoning eBay because of this. They want to compete with Amazon and so are promoting major retailers and “Anchor Shops” while giving little notice to long time small sellers to up their profits for a very short while to drive up their stock prices, as the top executives are leaving the company soon and have been selling out their stock option positions. Shame on eBay. This is clearly a public relations piece that is little more than free advertising for them.

The charges are way too high even though they say each household has £4 k of unwanted items minus the fees they charge and the refunds they give without investigation because some scally has claimed it was never received or not as described. The site needs some work to make it fairer to the genuine seller but I suppose they are only interested in their net gain as either way they get their cut, no question.

Ebay user for 10 years but no longer. Too expensive to sell and too much postage and hassle to post items these days.

Be very careful with Ebay. A lot of people order stuff and then pretend it was not received or damaged or broken etc and get another free item or a refund and get to keep the goods. A lot of ‘buyers’ are con artists and a lot of genuine smaller sellers lose out and go away with a bad taste in their mouth. Finding a sympathetic ear at Ebay HQ is an impossible feat achieved by no one to date.

Every time i’ve ever sold anything for a decent amount on eBay the buyer has always cancelled their winning bid. Not exactly what I would call an auction – and you can’t leave them negative feedback for doing it because they will just do the same thing to you.

Don’t get hooked to eBay – it’s a money spinner ONLY for eBay and no one else. Their customer service is nil as they really don’t know what is coming out of their mouths. Try “Preloved”, “Gumtree”, or even “Shpock” an app on smartphone. Take the usual precautions as you’ll find scams and time-wasters.

I use to sell on ebay when I was a student. If I could of found a way to automate it and ensure that items were not stolen during the delivery route I would still be at it now. However, it was so boring just constantly imputting data on websites that I stopped nearly 10 years ago now. I use to have about 30 sales a day amounting to a total profit of about £150 a day. I just got fed up of all of the data entry and being isolated from other people. Ebay is easy to be a success at as long as you think outside of the box and are prepared for bordem if you’re unabel to automate it. Some people on ebay have a totally automated business that raskes in hundreds of pounds daily. It can be done you just have to find the drop shipper suppliers who will give you the lowest price.

I would never sell on eBay, there are too many dodgy buyers waiting to fleece you. Read the eBay message boards and you will see stories of buyers claiming the item was not as described and getting a full refund, buyers buying mobile phones and returning empty boxes and ebay giving them their money back. Buyers saying they never received an item and getting their money back from eBay. These businesses are big enough to take these losses but individual sellers can’t take the risk on eBay anymore, just too many dodgy buyers.

I tried a small business on ebay selling genuine branded watches and sunglasses. If I put the watch up at £10 someone else would put it at £9 and if I put it at £5 someone else would sell it for £4 despite the RRP being £50 and the cost to me being £7. Ebay blocked me from listing more than 3 pairs of Gucci sunglasse at a time despite them being genuine . I offered to send them my receipts to prove they were genuine but I was blocked from every angle. I eventually decided after struggling with it for 18 months to close down. I made a profit over that time of £600 after tax. God knows how they do it but ebay would not let me.

Ebay was useful when it first started but now the ludicrous fees make it next to pointless. Its a goldmine for dishonest people !

And the BIG winner is…..ebay. Have you seen the fees they charge? Then there’s paypal and other credit acceptance fees, shipping/postage….

Meanwhile, I’m struggling to attract a bid of 99p on a brand new item which cost £99.99.

The real winner is of course eBay.

Was a great moneyspinner back in the day. But, with increased fees and contempt in general for the little guy. eBay is not what it was.

Now tell us about Ebay & PayPal’s rip-off fees

Don’t kid yourself the only people making real money is ebay.

Ebay is a waste of time! Full of Scams! All the hard work you do you basically working for Ebay hardly making profit & still pay Ebay Fees.

No mention of the BILLION complaints and NON ARRIVAL of goods or the SCAMS on there then, let alone the mention of the BILLION people who lost money through DECEITFUL traders.

I have been selling antique jewellery on eBay for over 15 years , we are a small 2 person business working from home .. We were one of the first antique jewellery sellers back in 2001 when eBay just started in the UK .. my seller ID IS captain6-antiquediamonds , ( just in see you want to have a look at what we have to offer ) we made lots of sales worldwide .. Building the business up over the years , five years ago we turned over in one month ( Christmas ) over 200k ! And regular turnover of 40k a month UP UNTIL last year ! Things turned sour sales slumped drastically to only a few thousand a month . Please bare in mind we have over 300k worth of stock , it was like eBay switched us off .. I did everything I could to claw it back even though we had done nothing different . They simply decided to turn us off !! I am one of the few fortune ones who has made my money so I’m not desperate , BUT there are many sellers who have lost a lot it’s not all what it cracks up to be ..

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