Collection of comments from eBay users. There thoughts on eBay/PayPal

Every time I gather up a pile of random comments from a thread, story or article the comments about eBay/PayPal are usually around 90-95% negative, this is happening over and over again. How eBay are managing to stay afloat when it seems 90% of there users hate them is beyond me. 2 of the most common complaints seem to be eBay’s taking a cut of postage via eBay AND then PayPal too, also buyers who don’t pay who then start up cases in revenge.

All aboard! the eTantic!
All aboard! the eTantic!

By far the least trustworthy party on eBay is eBay themselves…..

The collection of comments taken over the last week 15-20/08/2014.


All eBay are after is money. Those who are selling on there are putting all the effort in and getting scraps back. Yes the sales are there, but when the latest increases are added to prices eBay will be another step closer to pricing itself out. I sell on eBid, granted there is not the traffic or sales, but fees are 2%, free listing, 5 free stores and virtually hassle free


What ebay needs is some serious competition



E-bay is getting too greedy, especially when you think that really they do very little. And I believe they channel all UK sales through Luxembourg in order to avoid paying UK tax. I think the biggest insult was when eBay imposed fees on postage costs. There should be profit on postage, so why fees.


E-bay is getting too greedy, especially when you think that really they do very little. And I believe they channel all UK sales through Luxembourg in order to avoid paying UK tax. I think the biggest insult was when eBay imposed fees on postage costs. There should be profit on postage, so why fees.


Ebay treats is small sellers like dirt. I was very successful on ebay for 5 years and I had so many problems with them. I got my own website, and never looked back.


I used to sell a lot of small items but about two years ago the whole thing changed. Now they don’t want small, individual sellers like me; they want only big business to sell there. The fees mean that it is not worthwhile to attempt to sell anything there. I have stopped using Ebay to sell stuff and almost never buy on there. Compulsory Paypal was bad, but having to pay a fee on postage was the final straw.


By far the least trustworthy party on ebay is ebay themselves…..


This is why I call it Feebay. Never going back.


getting very expensive , and sales are not as good as they were works out if you have to take paypal about 15% going to e bay -listing /fees/paypal fees etc –very very greedy


As a semi-pro seller, I stopped using ebay around 10 years ago. Last time I looked, ebay & paypal combined fees breached the 10% of the sale price. For some small businesses, this is their entire profit margin. Ebay is only fit for professional sellers and casual sellers.


Non commericail Ebay sellers will cease to use it – not worth the aggo, they even charge a commision on the postage now.


EBay has its own monopoly so does not care. They charge a fee to list and a fee to sell and then a fee to take the payment. They also charge their fees on the Post and Packing so as a seller you cannot charge the £2.78 for a MyHermes delivery as you lose 10%+VAT to eBay then another 3% to PayPal. Charge £3.50 to cover packing and charges and the buyer gives you a low rating. Ebay then lower your profile and even kick you off………..


I stopped selling my birdtables in harrogate on ebay when ebay via paypal used to refund people who had received items. I had signed delivery notes from fedex but ebay would still refund the customer. Add to this and the fact they were taking 18% in fees and it became a waste of time. I sell direct from my own website now where I also have a better class of customer who doesnt make insulting offers or rip me off. ebay only makes sense now for people selling stolen goods or tat who dont actually have any money invested in the product they are selling.


Something similar happened to me.Buyer changed their mind.Damaged the item posted it back to me in original undamaged packaging and told ebay I sold them a broken item.Complete tosh but ebay made me reimburse them.I lost money on postage and paypal and now had damaged item in my hand.I gave up selling on ebay there and then after selling since 2003.


I sold some items on e bay this year. It’s the first time I had ever sold anything. I literally couldn’t believe how expensive the fees were. I was charged twice, once from eBay and again from pay pal. They even charged me for the postal label I used my own ink and paper to print. I will never use them again, it worked out they had around a third of everything I made. Daylight robbery!


Once I cleared my unwanted things I think I’m going to stop selling on Ebay. It’s just not worth it anymore.


eBay used to be great, and I listed a lot, but the fees are ruining it. Paypal was a GREAT concept, allowing safe instant payment, but is outrageously expensive. Imagine if BANKS took 3.4% + of every payment you received into your account! Then, forcing all sellers to accept Paypal, then always siding with buyers whenever something goes wrong – or doesn’t but the buyers claims it has… Now sellers must pay to have items returned, supposedly when misdescribed or faulty, but this is going to be massively misused to return items at sellers cost…I would already have quit eBay if there was a viable alternative. soon I will probably quit even without a viable alternative, and just not sell my unwanted items any more at all. eBay was such a GREAT concept – being ruined by greed, and a fanatical bias towards buyers.


At one time, ebay was the world’s biggest and best flea market, filled with bargains. Now it’s mostly just an online Walmsrt.


They will only kill their business if this continues. These kind of things always start off with reasonable fees, then when they become successful, they get greedy. It will encourage somewhat to set up a competitive on-line site and then Ebay might regret these actions. I expect to ‘Emart’ up and running fairly soon !


When a competitor pops up as it surely will, people will remember this and EBay will be history. Its virtually impossible to make any money as a seller anymore.


Just like Facebook, past it’s sell by date


When they first launched in the UK I was an avid user, both buying and selling. Not any more. I packed up 5-6 years ago when it became apparent that the site is far too expensive and VERY restrictive. I won’t be ripped off by anyone, especially a company from across the pond!


eBay are too expensive, barely worth selling on there now.


E-bay motors used to be so good but now the format makes it very hard to find what you are looking for, si now I use auto trader, so much easier. I just don’t know what they have done to it.


Ebay used to be a great place to find a bargain, or clear out your unwanted items. It is being strangled by the greed of the site operators, who encourage dishonest buyers with their punitive policies towards sellers. A better alternative is EBID, a friendlier place to be, and cheaper for both buyer and seller. EBID is still full of bargain buys, and is much safer to use.


I stopped selling on ebay when I was told by a friend they had started charging 10% of the postage cost you charge. I emailed to check and it was confirmed. I was livid that I had not been told and was equally livid that I had sent items at the proper postage cost and they had taken some of it… effectively leaving me out of pocket. This is not the 90’s and greed is not good!


Let’s face it , eBay is just a very greedy company. When you sell a car they don’t tell you until after you have sold it that they charge a flat rate of £30 – that’s illegal by getting you to enter a contract without being told the charges. I complained and they refunded the money knowing full well what they had done was wrong.


I stopped selling on EBAY two years ago, frankly I’d rather donate my ‘no longer wanted’ items to the church summer and Christmas fete than stuff EBAY’s coffers.


Greedy money grabbing bunch of chancers, same school of business as the banks and utility firms. They charge 20% commission (less 8% if you are a business and pay them a monthly fee). Then they also add a fee to what you charge for postage. So if it costs you £3.00 to post something they add 30p on top so you are subsidising the buyers postage costs. Not sure that’s even legal? Private sellers are getting abused by dishonest buyers, ie say they haven’t had goods when they have, then getting a refund. Yet ebay do nothing. Look on line to see what’s going on it’s one massive great rip off.


I stopped selling on there ages ago.It wasnt worth the hassle after all the fees had been deducted. There will be even less people selling on there now.


I used to use ebay and paypal a lot but they became too big for their boots so now I use ebid so much better. Ebayers vote with your keyboard and go to other sites.


Hiped up fees on final bid + postage, Disregard for the sellers [re. lost items with receipts & proof of posting ] even although they are their bread & butter as without them they wouldn’t exist. Having to accept Paypal and their fees…..Do they ever stop and …..T H I N K?


Yep, and lets not forget that most of these extra “fees” will not be seen by the tax man! Most people struggle to sell anything on there in large quantities. If you do, most of your income is paid out in tax, ebay fees and paypal fees. Ebay are the only real winner!


they should change there name to Freebay because all a buyer has to say to get a full refund is. i did not receive the item. even if you produce and show receipts ect you still have to give a full refund including postage. Seller beware.


It is worth sending items signed for delivery, eBay don’t accept standard proof of postage.


You are correct in sending it recorded delivery but this adds an additional £1.10 on postage. As you know, ebay take a cut of the postage too. Add to that the fact that in the past year you are practically giving a lot of items away and have essentially become a personal shopper for the buyers after you see what your profit is.


I have used Ebay for seven years to purchase my blood sugar test strips and paid by PayPal. Having successfully bid for two items and being desperate to pay I was met by PayPal stating their usual lie, viz., “We have noticed some unusual activity on your account lately” absolute garbage as I always leave a nil balance in my account. PayPal, totally intransigent, wanted me to return to the UK to receive a prearranged telephone call from them. On complaining to Ebay asking them to pay the sellers for me they replied, “Cannot do that as you are using the same email address as you use for PayPal” The sellers lost out and I have now to purchase a totally different testing system as I will never use these two disgraceful companies again. Same shipping address, same email address, same type of purchase many times, same Mastercard – in nearly seven years – I tell you they do not deserve your business!!!


In my experience with ebay and paypal when there is any query it’s like talking to a brick wall, they seem to only answer in scripted replies that don’t deal with the specifics of the issue and totally avoid the relevant points you make.


i sold something recently for £5, the true postage cost charged was £6, so ebay made more money from the postage side of the transaction than from the actual sale. Then you are forced to offer paypal as a payment method so they then take another cut from the total. There is no such thing as free postage, ebay just like sellers to offer it.


not only increased fees but from Sept 14th the new ebay agreement kicks in sellers have to pay for returns should the buyer only have to SAY the item is not as descirbed buy the hat , wear it to the wedding & then say not as described seller will have to pay to have the hat returned if they don’t then ebay will refund the buyer & the buyer can keep the hat leaving the seller out of pocket & a system open to abuse. it appears that you have have to accept Global shipping , where you don’t send directly to your buyer but it is handled for you which adds to the cost Argos click & collect , this will be sent by you by post , UPS & others & buyer can collect from Argos within a time period , other wise the sale is void & buyers money is returned . All this is typical ebay , clear as mud but I suggest that if you sell on ebay that you read the sellers agreement


Not only increased fees but new seller agreement means that you have to pay for returns if the seller says item is not as described .open to scam as the buyer only has to say it is not as described & get their money back , if you don’t sign up for the managed returns then ebay can refund the seller & tell them to keep the item it seems that you have to sign up for global shipping , & have click & collect with Argos . All typical ebay, not 100% clear , but not good news for the small seller but ebay no longer wants the small seller , the people who put ebay on the map.


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