Collection of comments from PayPal users. There thoughts on PayPal

A collection of random comments from PayPal showing there own users thoughts on PayPal. One of the most common themes is that people only use PayPal because they have no choice, that’s not a very good way of cementing customer loyalty, there only using you but they hate you, the minute a alternative comes along your users will run.



It doesn’t matter one bit if you could prove you were wronged in court; they have their own self-made laws and live in their own little reality.


how do I stop Paypal from doing what amounts to thievery in the future?
Stop using paypal.


They have many of the powers of a bank, with no legal accountability.



I’ve had 4 figures frozen indefinitely, since around 2012. My “suspicious activity?” Selling older liquidated laptops from schools and companies that update their labs.



It doesn’t matter one bit if you could prove you were wronged in court; they have their own self-made laws and live in their own little reality.



myself had my account locked with about $100 in there, Paypal then wanted <deep breath>:
Photo copy of Govt ID Photocopy of SS card Copy of a utility bill letter from my employer on company letterhead requesting the unlock
After providing all of the above multiple times- they still refuse and say “illegible” or not approved form of ID.
i gave up , its not worth the $100



Ive done that exact procedure 4 times now.
each time they change the documentation they need.
first it was Drivers license,
then it was drivers license and a utility bill.
then it was drivers license and SS card.
then it was all 3 plus the letter from my employer.
-my name is apparently very common, and my birthdate is commonly used as a fake (its a holiday)
ive had issues with being “properly identified by credit records” a number of times before – but paypal cant seem to verify my identity no matter what i try.
they’re either malicious, or incompetent enough to construed as malicious, either way , i wont do business with them, and will do my best to save anyone else the headache.


Paypal treats consumers like kings. They treat vendors like trash. Sending is fine; it’s receiving money that results in Paypal screwing you over.


Don’t use paypal for any large sum of money. They’ve locked my money in my account for no reason and i couldn’t get it back for 6 months. Their customer service sucks too, you call and its just an automated phone version of their website basically.


Lost quite a bit of money, they frozen my account 3 years ago. Couldn’t get them back. Just no… Never gonna use PP again.


Paypal is literally a thief. But its hard to get legal action against companies of that size.



About 5 or 6 years ago Paypal went to complete and utter garbage also make note, Paypal is NOT a real bank, thus bank rules and regulations do not apply to them AKA they can screw you any way they want and you cannot do much about it.

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