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Interesting story in the DailyMail a paper in the UK about a group of people who are eBay millionaires, about as likely as winning the lottery if the comments are anything to go by. We have mirrored them here, some are quite interesting from companies who wish to dump eBay even though there making £1000’s a week,  which just go to show how bad this situation is getting. The new “your paying for returns” has been mentioned as a factor also which is showing some people might actually read those eBay emails. I went thru ALL the comments (to try and paint a unbiased picture) on the story and there was only 2/3 on eBay’s side, game over.

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About as likely as a lotto win.

“It’s not if they screw you its when.”

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Cannot stand Ebay and Paypal and their ridiculous fees.
The only people making money on eBay today are those who are selling stolen or fake goods, buyers who are using Paypal’s buyer protection program to scam sellers and big companies who are using eBay listings as a way to advertise and tunnel traffic to their own websites.


I have made and sold made to measure curtains and roman blinds on Ebay for the last ten years, my problem with the company is that they don’t promote/advertise the site enough, whilst the fees have gone up dramatically, the footfall has dropped too, this last six months have been the worst I have ever experienced. Apparently they upset Google.


Sorry but ebay has got too greedy. I’ve been on it for years but the latest hikes in fees (including ebay taking a chunk of p&p) plus the additional paypal fees means I’m out. They don’t want casual sellers these days, only the larger traders can absorb the costs.


I sold stuff on Ebay only to find it wasn’t worth it due to the extortionate FEES along with PayPal taking a fat slice once the buyer had managed to finally pay up.


Ebay is good but the high fees are putting people. I sell on it but you don’t make much money unless you can sell something and get a good cut.


Ebay fees are astronomical, meaning many sellers end up barely making anything. Throw in the paypal charges, the delays in payments, the hidden costs, and the fact that most of the stuff for sale on there is crap from China, and ebay is no longer a friendly shopping site.


No mention of EBAY charging commission on postage now, greedy company


eBay is a good place to buy and sell. However, the fees that eBay and PayPal charge are scandalous!


Just a shame about ebays astronmical fees


Absolute rubbish!!! We have been selling on eBay for over 7 years and turn over well in excess of 1million per year but with the eBay charges, free shipping and Ebay always protecting the buyer when you look at the profit at the end of the year its hardly worth it. I know several companies who are coming off Ebay due to this and one does over 250K A WEEK and they are still dropping Ebay. As from this week Ebay will also refund the customer the postage if they return the item out of the sellers pocket. We have simply put £2 on every product we list on Ebay as opposed to our own website we also offer 10% discount, lots of companies are doing this and customer know to find it on Ebay then search for the companies own website. I have personally done that for years. The cheapest price is not always on ebay!!


Ebay fees are way out of hand now and mostly locked in with their own company paypal which rake in even more


ebay is no longer the best place for bargains. There are sites where items are just as plentiful, cheaper, and delivery costs less! ebay UK have also removed the option to select the location of items to browse, meaning you have to trawl through items from China, USA, all of Europe etc. when all you want to see is local items. Sorry ebay you are no longer my first port of call.


I´ve noticed this… Really annoying! I was looking for a certain watch that was being sold on a few UK websites, so I thought, I´ll give ebay UK a go, but mostly what turned up were good from the US. As I tried to single out the ones from Europe I was unable to do so. I ended up buying from a British seller, but had to sort through “Location China” first..


I don’t know how anybody makes money with EBay’s extortionate fees which have just shot up again in the last few days. then Paypal which is the same company rips you off for receiving the payment..


It is not as easy as they make it sound. Many people bid but do not pay, and 6 in 10 accounts are fake ones or fake websites. Perhaps 1 in 1000 make a bit on the side, but that is all.


Too expensive to sell something.


Well done to them. I’ve yet to make a profit on anything I sell! Where am I going wrong?!!


The only ones who are making money are Ebay themselves with their extortionate fees and one sided customer service.


Nice bit of PR from eBay just as they put up their listing prices.


No mention of the astronomical fees, now taken off postage and packaging charges too, so every seller is losing money every time they send an item, not to mention Paypal fees, funnily enough Paypal being owned by Ebay! No mention of NO SELLER PROTECTION whatsoever, they always side with the buyer, whether you provide proof of delivery or not. Ebay don’t give a damn about their members, but then why would they? As long as the profits are rolling in they won’t change!


ebay’s fees are ridiculously high, no one likes selling on it, but it’s been able to monopolise the auction market because it was created at the advent of the internet


I have been selling on ebay for 14 years and my sales have NEVER been so bad, they are currently down by 99%. They are too in favour of the buyer now, apart from their stupid fees, they are too big for their boots and what goes up MUST come down, ebay will history in a couple of years. I am having to find another way to pay my bills now…ebay has had it’s day


The site is infested with scam buyers praying on small hobby sellers with eBays policies regarding payment and delivery, in particular paypal and the 180 day returns policy, only making it easier for the fraudsters. It used to a decent marketplace but is now best avoided.


I hate Ebay and never use it because it is not only greedy, it is very irritating. Now when you look at an item some silly pop up blocks your view by telling you how many people have viewed the item in the last hour. So what? Of course other people would have looked at it, that is why it is on Ebay! They charge you to advertise, then when you sell and finally when you use Paypal which they own. There are better more grown up auction sites out there now.


Find this article hard to believe..I used to sell vintage jewellery from my ebay shop and in the end found the fees and the very unjust way ebay sides with non paying customers a disgrace. I shut my shop in the end and now trade from a market still.


Shame they don’t protect it’s sellers. We are the ones who make them millions. Absolute joke that they charge fees for postage and eBay is becoming more and more hassle each day!


Ebay is way to expensive these days, your lucky to make anything with fee’s for this fee’s for that and then postage.


Too many people list an item for 99p charge a fair price for postage, the item only gets one bid so sell for 99p After they have paid postage/packing and the eBay and PayPal fees they are lucky to make 20p!!!!….. Why bother… PayPal; 23p + 2.4% eBay:


Greedy Ebay and there friend Pal-Pal! So don’t care about the little sole-trader. It’s 80% commercial these days. True bargains are very rare.The bidder/ buyer has the last say they have the power to ruin your business reputation at a press of a button.


I’ve been trading on eBay since 2006 but I’m working like mad to get my new (non eBay) business up to a point where turnover exceeds the eBay one. Then I can close down the eBay business. The final nail in the coffin was eBay commission on postage, this has to be verging on the illegal? I’ve seen my business dwindle from a nice little earner to one where I’m virtually working full time for eBay. I’ve had enough of being barked at on an almost daily basis with their changes to business seller terms and conditions. I sincerely hope the place comes crashing down.


I have been an eBay powerseller for the last three years, but closed my shop last months. eBay/PayPal fees are quite high, and with royal mail’s price increases each year,the profit margin was get too tight. And I don’t like the way eBay “Completely Favours the Buyer”. You can’t leave negative feedback for a buyer; who does pay for the item or tries to intimidate etc… A lot of people want something for nothing and will try it on. I offered Free Postage and had to send items signfor (which ment I paid eBay fees on postage) To avoid buyer claiming their item hadn’t arrived, receiving a refund and keeping the item!! eBay started bringing in a new return policy, which was another Kick in the teeth for the seller!!!! So I Stopped!!


Sold an item for £30 last week on Ebay after there charges and Paypal charges plus postage i was left with £18.Not a great place for a seller if you ask me.


When I started selling on eBay years ago it was a good place to sell your items. They were not biased towards the buyer, they were equal. They were fair in their charges, PayPal was not part of their scheme, they were cheap to use and they treasured the little sellers. Now it’s a totally different place….. They are very biased towards the buyer, giving sellers no allowance to fair feedback towards buyers, it’s almost like they hate the sellers. Their prices have rocketed and are very extortionate, PayPal is now on board and rake in an extreme amount, the private sellers who got them where they are today mean sweet FA to them now and they expect you to jump through hoops just to list something! They beg you to start at 99p and when your item only sells for 99p you get next to nothing profit. It’s just not worth it. I only sell on there now if I really have to.


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  1. So they went from advertising on TV to radio , now newspapers ? Wonder how much ebay paid off the paper to write the fictional article ?

    As people said in the comments, all the time you have to invest in taking images, producing the listings, information, dealing with false customer complaints ,postage costs and fees, is it really worth bothering ?

    What makes it worse is forcing the seller to refund return postage. Even worse that buyers can return NAD items, even if they are 100% correct, ebay never review the case and just take your money to refund the buyer. It’s just ebay and the buyer screwing over the seller as they always have done.

    The “get rich quick” type article in the newspaper just goes to show how bad the management has become. I get those type of emails 100’s of times each week, its called spam, and like ebay, such sites only make the sites money, never yourself.

    Just waiting for the book to come out now “10 easy steps to make a million on ebay” at special half price limited offer discount while stocks last of only $89,95.

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