Counterfeit Magic The Gathering cards (eBay user horror story)

A case for the VERO hawks here that seems to not be enforced, must be making eBay too much money. A seller is selling counterfeit gaming cards, seems people will rip anything off for a quick few quid. The thread is quite interesting they find the sellers background and the fact he sells large volumes of printer supplies, bought a high power microscope and large amounts of special card, his not selling the cards at the moment though who knows why.

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Warning about an eBay scammer

hey guys and girls, i just bought some cards from ebay user “crm4109” and when i got them i noticed something was a bit off, gave them a lot of scrutiny and turns out they are counterfeit. they are printed incredibly well on real cards, they pass the bend test and the water test, but the text in the box is slightly raised. they are definitely counterfeit and i filed a dispute on ebay and they immediately refunded me i guess so that they dont get banned or publicly found out.

i just wanted to let people know about this guy and to be extra careful when purchasing cards online. this guy has hundreds of feedback and makes a ton of sales. i messaged several other buyers of his and they noticed the same things i have and realized they had counterfeit cards and filed claims too.

be careful on ebay ladies and gentlemen.

TL;DR if you bought anything on ebay from crm4109 it is probably counterfeit and you should notify ebay and paypal and get your money back.

edit: the email linked to his paypal starts with crm5109 so he might be using several accounts to do his scamming

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