Craigslist madness

Ok, not eBay but I guess we could say its part owned so we should post it, this thread I found is very interesting it’s listing just some of the totally crazy incidents that have happened with people who have been conducting sales on Craigslist, and some of the stories are crazy, theirs serial killers, stalkers, prostitutes offered in part payments for a sofa (this happens alot apparently), crack for DVDs all sorts. I think its where all the eBay buyers end up or something.

bad buyers, scams, craigslist, ipads, apple mac
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  1. I heard some about it, was a few years ago, was something like if “red roses” are for sale, its a hooker advertising, might not have been the roses, but things that are advertised may not be what they seem..

    I have known many people say good things about the list, though I am not sure of late…

    1. LoL according to that thread a VHS tape sale is meant to be drugs too. What a world :p

      Anything I ever look for on Craigslist I get 0 results back even for things which I would assume were very popular, must just be me.

      Normal service will resume tomorrow hopefully 🙂

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