Crazy seller threatens to go to buyers house over headphones… (eBay user horror story 05/14)

Heres a story about a seller, and 1 of the few that screwed eBay up by going that bit too far. In this case we have a buyer who purchased something, never got it, started a case up, the seller then sends the item (they did AFTER the case), eBay sides with the buyer in the case and refunds the buyer, the seller then threatens to go to the buyers house and get his money. The seller did actually send the item as the buyer noticed the date on the postmarked stamp was after the case was closed. 3 weeks to ship the item. Total mess this.

ebay seller threatens to come to buyers house
Close enough, the message is correct though.

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Had a big issue with a seller who only sent an item after I’d been refunded and won my eBay case. Now threatening to come to my house.

Hey guys new to this sub so im not entirely sure if this is the content that’s allowed here.
Basically I bought a pair of expensive headphones from someone and managed to get them pretty cheap so I was really happy with the deal. I paid for them straight away and awaited the delivery.
After a week had passed I messaged the seller to tell them the item hadn’t yet arrived and I was just making them aware in case it was something their end. I got a reply saying they would refund postage and see what was happening at the post office.
Great I thought! Just a misunderstanding. Another week goes by so I send the seller another message to tell them the item STILL hasn’t arrived and that he hadn’t updated me with any info regards the post office or my refund. After a couple more days and no response I send him one last message saying if I don’t hear from him I’ll be opening a case with eBay to get my money back as I don’t believe he’s actually sent the item.
Still no response so I open the case, again with no response from seller during this time so I win my case and get my refund. As soon as I win my case and get a refund I get a message from the seller saying ‘you need to send me the money for the headphones or I’ll come and get what you owe in person, I have your address.’ I obviously report this message as threatening to eBay and they are really helpful thankfully and take it very seriously and even tell me to contact my local police. After this communication with eBay I get another message from the seller saying ‘I’ll see you Thursday, be ready.’ That actually means this Thursday so three days time from I get the message, two days now.
But that’s where the problem lies, I’ve now received the headphones TODAY with a post mark from last week so the seller obviously hadn’t sent them until the report had gone in now I’m stuck in a limbo where I’ve got a guy possibly coming to my house, I have the item I want which I don’t mind paying for now I’ve received it but he’s obviously been a douchbag and a bad seller so do I communicate with eBay to sort it out and explain the situation as I don’t want to talk to the guy any further and is there a phone number for them (UK) that I could easily do this?
Tl;dr: Pretty much the title.

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