Disappearing iPhone syndrome strikes again (eBay horror story)

All too common this, from the amount of vanishing iPhone’s you would think theirs a huge pile in some postal depot somewhere with no ones names on, but no its just eBay. The seller has even contacted other sellers who this 1 buyer has ripped off, amazingly it seems the phones never make it but all the cheap crap Chinese phone covers do…

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So good they got it on there flag?


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I recently sold an iPhone 4 on eBay and against my own nervous thoughts, I shipped it off to the buyer in the Ukraine. This buyer has since reported it not delivered and has been awarded a full refund while I’m out the money/phone, $25 in shipping, $26 in eBay fees and $12 in Paypal fees. Turns out there are 3 others that he’s made the same claim against and been awarded refunds. Since one of the other sellers posted a comment on his feedback that the buyer’s a scammer, he’s closed his account. Funny thing (not so funny really) is that he’s had no problem receiving cheap phone accessories in the mail looking back at his past feedback on purchases, but can’t seem to receive any of the actually phones he buys.

eBay says they can’t do anything for us because international priority doesn’t have tracking and they can’t prove he didn’t receive….4 separate phones. I wish I’d spent the extra $25 of my own money to pay for the tracking. Any other sellers have any luck appealing a “did not receive” claim without tracking?


  1. I found it strange 99p items are 90% chance of “getting lost in post” and yet £10 items very rare go missing. All to common, my sympathy to the sellers.

  2. Same scenario here with the phone and Ukraine scammer. Apparently this has been going on for a LONG time. Seems EBay and Paypal are just more than happy to make money off of this, but make NO EFFORT to warn their sellers. Won’t be doing any Ebay business again.

    1. eBay/PayPal care for themselves and there bottom line only your just a figure sadly 🙁

      High end electronics are one of the worst areas for this we have seen and there always out side what ever country your in, eBay need to put some kind of hold on international transactions (just like they do with your money) or do something because its just getting out of control.

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