1. Its also why so many sellers list 2nd class but half the time post 1st class. Its a problem due to dispatch times, everyone wants same day dispatch, but RoyalMail can’t deliver 100% on time. Some items take a few more days to weeks. So 2nd class gives people a small buffer but it still isnt enough.

    I had my account suspended due to “slow delivery times”. Most of it came about when we had all the snow. I couldn’t get into work the whole week, and yet, some people still expect packages to arrive next day.

    Ebay suspended my account due to slow delivery times, what could I do , kidnap a RoyalMail guy and hold him to gun point until he dug his way 100 miles to deliver a package for someone, whos probably not even attempted to get out of bed and go into work ?!

    It just gets worse and worse. Ebay are working on the idea that packages arrive 100% of the time next day with 1st class. Which is almost never so. Then as sellers can’t “deliver” within ebays delivery time window, the sellers get the blame and told to improve.

    If ebay want me to improve delivery times, then they can personally pick the packages up from me and deliver the items themselves.

    Most buyers use the dispatch times as delivery times, nobody actually bothers to read it correctly and most buyers do not want to read or understand how ebay works. Then again, the sellers get the blame due to the buyers own ignorance, which is what a lot of the problems are down too.

    1. “idea that packages arrive 100% of the time next day with 1st class”

      Never going to happen with Royal Mail sadly, people want super fast delivery and they don’t want to pay for it. The time when England froze was pretty bad, I think eventually eBay actually put a freeze on the DSR’s for that period but after you could just go back and leave them anyhow so everyone got slammed, there was some ranting in the forums about it, typical eBay screw up.

      I think your right buyers cant tell the difference between dispatch and delivery times.

      If I had to rate sellers the way the buyers do then no one would get anything more than a 0 for dispatch time/delivery time because Royal Mail don’t delivery anything more than a small letter here which results in piles of my post building up in the depot for 2/3 weeks before they bother to tell me (record collection so far was 26 parcels), so as you can tell from that its nothing to do with the seller its all these outside forces and eBay does not account for that do they even care is the better question.

      I do wonder what happened to Royal Mails plans for dedicated eBay tills at post offices… not looking so good now is it lol

  2. “I think your right buyers cant tell the difference between dispatch and delivery times.”

    Thats half the problem, ebays terms state do not hold sellers responsible for delivery times, and yet ebay quote next day delivery and allow disputes to be opened when the time elapses. Its what all the buyers do, leave low DSRs or bad feedback about delivery, and ebay blame the sellers and can suspend their accounts. Ebay do not enforce their own rules, which causes the problems in the first place, then ebay punish the sellers for ebays own incompetence.

    Overall, ebay should be paying US to do all we are doing, not us giving ebay money just to make our lives hell.

    1. Amazingly check out the latest post that somewhat touches on this DSR dispatch time issue… but only for 2 countries… yeah work that out lol

      They should dump dispatch time from the DSR’s, its not being used for what its meant to be used for and its causing all sorts of issues, eBay obviously acknowledge the buyers are using it wrong, but I guess it makes a very good undercover weapon to remove sellers with no real reason.

  3. I was suspended due to dispatch time, I had an 8 year old account with over 2000 100% feedback! Work that out! I had two bad months, once was a car crash just after I sold a load of items (took about 3-4 days to get them shipped by a friend) and the other was when they closed my account because I didnt have enough in paypal to pay my bill, I quickly paid the bill when I realised but that didnt stop people opening disputes when ebay informed them my account was closed… The account was back up and running within a couple of days but it delayed shipping times… Apart from these two seperate months I had good shipping time DSR’s but I still got banned because of it… I spoke to ebay via chat asking about how I can submit information for an appeal, I had solicitors letters, doctors appointments etc to prove id been in an accident, but even though I was just asking about how to submit information the person on chat submitted an appeal without having the information, apparently the chat was submitted as my evidence! Anyway with an appeal done, they wouldnt let me do another even though the person on chat submitted it without me asking them to!

  4. Thanks for telling us your story! Just goes to prove “there isn’t any excuse” for “poor performance”.

    It reminded me actually, I had a similar thing. Myself and my girlfriend were posting items each day, though one day when I was going home she collapsed and ended up going to hospital. She was being sick and all sorts, anyway, few days later she discharged herself (another story on how useless hospitals are) when I took her home I collapsed being very sick also, I had so much stomach pain I was rushed to hospital and put on morphine & drips and all sorts. I was in hospital a flippin’ whole week.

    Anyway, moral of the story is, my ebay account suffered as items were still listed on ebay but neither of us could really do anything about it as we was basically in hospital for a entire week at least. I was getting low DSR ratings, OK, they were slow, but if being ill in hospital does not “cut you some slack” what will ?

    1. Been there with the hospital thing too, with my son who has asthma, allergies, eczema and just about anything that sets it off. I do recall telling a buyer what happened and he left in my feedback that’s his heard it all before and then we had the disputes etc. etc.

      So from this we can assume buyers and eBay expect fast, cheap postal services from beyond the grave… even death is no excuse for low DSR’s.

      I think buyers just assume your lying and out to rob them from the moment they click “buy” if that’s how they view the sellers of eBay why are they shopping there?

  5. It proves the mentality of the buyers though doesn’t it. Anyone who thinks the world works 100% fantastic 100% of the time without fail needs a serious good kick in the rear. People just live in pure ignorance and total blindness. People are so stupid its a wonder they don’t kill themselves half the time… in fact..

    Off topic a bit, but I have been videoing my travels on our great British roads. one car over took me over a junction, a part of the road your not supposed to be overtaking on, and no surprise, a car coming the other way was overtaking several cars, on a similar junction a little further down the road.

    How both of these cars didn’t have a head on collision is beyond me. Best part, is, the old guy driving the oncoming car was waving his fist at the driver overtaking me, like he was 100% in the wrong just like the other driver, who had to slam his breaks on to avoid the collision.

    Both people no doubt thinking the other driver is in the wrong, and yet, both drivers were doing exactly the same thing and both at fault. Its one reason I fitted a cam in my car, as I cannot go out on the road anymore without having a near miss with someone. Its amazing how half these people passed their driving test in the first place, and more amazing if they driving like total idiots all the time, how they don’t end up killing themselves. One thing is for sure, I am not moving out of peoples way to avoid collisions anymore.

    Overall, I and my father think peoples mentality is getting less and less as each year passes. People just seem to be getting thicker , I dont know why. Years ago, you could buy something and wait a week for it to arrive, it was the accepted norm, these days, unless its at the door within 24hours your screwed. I think people just expect way to much, like ebay, they never tally problems into anything. Its almost impossible to have a sale and not have a problem in one respect or another.

    I have always worked in the public sector, I get maybe one nutter a year with my work, but on ebay there is just a constant battle with people. I really do think online shopping will just decline, not increase. Too many scams online, a lot of buyers are probably out of work without nothing better to do than sit disputing items all day long in order to get a few quid back or a free item. Those are they type of people companies/sellers are having to deal with each day. Online shopping may well be on the increase for the moment, but so are the scams. As we already all know. I suspect there will be a turning point on day where online sales will simply stop. Sellers are already dropping like flies. So on it goes..

  6. Some good points, oddly i’ve been considering fitting cams lately too lol, people just don’t care its all “me,me,me and f*ck everyone else” quite often I stop to let people cross the road the look of shock on there faces, sometimes they just kind of look at me as if they don’t understand there allowed to go, sometimes I have to carry on again, are they really that used to being treated like crap? whats happened to manors?

    I’m finding more and more that things I want I can buy in the shop, even PC World and Maplin’s have beaten eBay prices before, for either a better price or if anything a little more and if I have any problems I can walk back in and get another no hassle no problem. Even big name online stores are beating the prices on eBay on one hand I guess that’s good, on the other the small sellers done for 🙁

  7. There isn’t much use in selling a lot of stuff as it just costs so much to post now. Its like, go into a shop to buy a loaf of bread for 50p, or buy it on ebay for 50p plus 4quid postage kinda thing. its only good for items around £10 or up, as £4 is soaked up into it a bit more, but a shop could sell the item for £12, so paying £14 for something online is a bit pointless.

    In anycase, its put a lot of sellers out of business. Royal Mail probably think they will get more money in putting prices up, but all they have done is killed off a lot of packages as its no longer profitable to sell stuff. I guess it helps solves RM’s staff vs number of packages problems though lol. Instead of fixing the problems, they just put prices up and kill off business. overall, they may have the same turnover each year, just less packages.

    I am finding it hard to find items on ebay now, There used to be so many people selling the same stuff, and now, almost nobody is selling anything. ebay used to be good for those “hard to find items” though I am just finding myself just using google to find websites which sell the stuff. In some cases prices on some websites are a lot cheaper than on ebay. So its worth shopping around. Even so, there isn’t as many websites selling stuff as there used to be either. I guess its just sites getting lost in the mix of millions of other sites.

    I used to buy nuts and bolts on ebay, used to get really good deals, but with postage how it is, its pointless anyone selling them anymore. I am just finding myself going to screwfix to buy a lot of stuff, stuff I used to buy lots of on ebay.

    On a good note, BMW drivers and Landrover drivers all seem to think they own the road, neither let you go, you have to avoid hitting them as it would cost a fortune in insurance claims if you run into one, so they can get away with driving however they like as they know people will HAVE to move out of the way. They both think they own the road.

    Thing is, theres a narrow bridge down the road from us, only room for 1 car passing over at a time, BMW drivers one way, Landrover the other….no need to explain what happend really lol.. serves um both right I say, no sympathy from me.

  8. My girlfriend sold a couple of items on her ebay account a couple weeks ago. Had good feedback even though both people left a low DSR for postage and packing charges. Its actually annoying considering the postage is actually undercharged or barely breaking even.

    Its stupid how peoples opinions of what RoyalMail charges to send items are reflected on sellers performance figures. My opinion is RM charge way too much, but we are sick of getting low DSR’s over it when we have no control whatsoever over the postal system, and yet, ebay allow peoples opinions on what royal mail charge to be reflected in the sellers ratings, and of course, ebay expect sellers to improve on these charges.

    Same thing as always, your forced to give free postage to avoid your account being suspended, which just so happens to make ebay more money on final value fees. How anyone can stand trading on ebay is totally beyond me with such BS business ethics.

    How our government can actually allow all this to continue is beyond me. Mass fraud, scams, BS terms and BS practices, you name it, ebay has it, and yet this has been on the increase for how many years now ? Trading standards should be all over ebay, they have issues a mile long.

    If I traded with those business practices I would be thrown in jail within a year! Just goes to show, the larger the company, the more they get away with. Google and others spring to mind. Wonderful world we live in isn’t it ?

  9. Guardrail or Quick Decline is the weapon of choice used by ebay these days to target the DSR ratings of small sellers and implement Below Standard Ratings with the subsequent restrictions, seller limitations, holds on PayPal funds, and ultimately the accelerated elimination of the small seller from ebay.

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