eBay 3 way – 2 buyers 1 seller… gone very wrong.

Bit of a complex story this one, seller sells item, a buyer buys that item, the buyer then sells the item to another buyer, buyer 2 files a claim against buyer 1 saying there’s a problem, buyer 1 then files a claim against the seller. See a mess.

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Artist impression of eBay support.

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Buyer sold the item they bought from me, and the buyer’s buyer claims that the item is damaged; now the first buyer is opening a claim against me for a refund. Am I just screwed now?

I sold a brand-new unopened game console on ebay back in March of this year, and about a week ago the buyer messaged me asking for the console’s original receipt so that he could return it, as he had sold it rather than opening it and his buyer claimed that the screen had a bad pixel. I replied that I no longer had the original receipt, and that even if I had, GameStop doesn’t accept returns after 30 days; I suggested that the second buyer contact Nintendo about sending it in for a repair, because it might be a factory defect. The (first) buyer responds the next day saying that I sold him a defective item, and that he’s filed a claim for a refund or replacement.
So what should I do now? I plan on contacting ebay support in the morning of course, but does anyone have any advice? Can I even be held liable for an allegedly defective item when the buyer himself has stated in writing that they, too, never opened it before selling it to someone else? I would think the responsibility would fall on him, but I’ve been hearing a lot of horror stories about ebay siding with the customer no matter what and completely screwing over the seller. Heck, I didn’t even know I could get a return request — I very clearly chose the option for “No returns” when making the listing. But apparently that “option” doesn’t actually mean anything…

Apparently there was a fix for this mess :

If he wrote in eBay messages that he resold it, he is no longer covered by buyer protection. Also, it’s been too long, you can deny any return he opens yourself. His only other step would be to open a PayPal case, but you can use those messages as proof there as well


  1. Sadly, it makes no odds what people write in their ebay page. It boils down to, lose the item and lose the cash and nothing you can do about it.

    Ebay are not interested in “cases”, they just want the quickest possible fix every time, which is screw over the seller and refund the buyer. Ebay are only interested in reducing their costs, hence no staff to actually read cases and help, they are only interested in profits. Sadly there is no profit in helping people.

  2. Agree with Dave above. Not sure how much you sold the item for but I hope that you have set aside that money in your budget because your so called buyer got screwed by his buyer and they are passing on the screwing to you. Yes it sucks…I stopped selling on ebay in Dec2104 (found this site because a friend just got screwed on ebay). In my case I had a frontdoor pick up. Inept outsourced postal associate put the tracking information in incorrectly so the package stated that it was picked up from my house and delivered to my house. Apparently buyer sees this and claims he never got the package based on the tracking info. i go to the post office and apparently they have tracking information not published online. THey provided PROOF that the package was actually delivered. Still ebay believed the buyer (phone convo). So I offered to send another package to the buyer and ebay agreed. I sent him (LITERALLY) shyt stained underwear and a copy of the tracking from the post office as well as a copy of the statute on postal fraud. Azzhole closed the case (I would have lost if he didn’t) but he still left me negative feedback. That was it for me. I hope that THIS will be it for you. Try craigslist or donate your excess stuff- The world is very different now! Sorry this doesn’t help you much other than to let you know that this WILL happen to you again if you don’t give up ebay. 180 day returns almost assures that it will. You can’t even return shyt to Walmart after that amount of time. We are NOT stores, we are people. NO PROTECTION…WILL NOT SELL THERE EVER again and realized that buying there HAS to be a last resort if I want to be a part of the solution. Also, If you lose your Nintendo, be sure to file a police report. You can claim the loss on your taxes to help with the bottom line of your business. Hang in there and I hope for you that Karma does what it needs to to make things right!

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