1. Topix Forum posts in major cities all over the United States are buzzing with talk of the new ebay exodus, the departure of thousands of unhappy, dissatisfied sellers from ebay…

  2. eBays is falling to bits, I can go and find items cheaper and with better customer service if theres a problem in even local bricks and mortar stores on the high street most of the time if not Amazon, a recent post was made on here which compares eBay to a addiction the only people left are thrill chasers and non-payers.

    Searching for what was popular items on eBay now returns fewer and fewer (every few months) results so you are right people are leaving in their thousands .

  3. Guardrail trending and Quick Decline is the mechanism in place at ebay now whereby small sellers are targeted based on a small number of low DSR ratings and then slapped with sanctions, restrictions, and various punitive actions which have the overall effect of accelerating the elimination of the targeted seller from ebay.

  4. PROTEST MARCHES AGAINST EBAY PLANNED: Have you been unfairly suspended from selling on eBay after years of hard work? eBay as a corporation has thrown tens of thousands of small mom and pop sellers under the bus, many who were dependent in part or whole for the income off their ebay sales for their very livelihood…Come join our protest movement and become a voice of change…we will also be organizing protest marches at various eBay locations (San Jose, Ca, Salt Lake City, Utah, etc.) in the near future. Come join Former Ebay Sellers 2 Open Forum: www.facebook.com/groups/formerebaysellers2openforum/

  5. “ebay” has blocked my usernames in exchange of me trying to oprotect ebay sellers and buyers from hardcore scammers that scammed me by sending bad checks and by sending fake products. Ebay allowed for the scammer to create new usernames and keep on defrauding ebay users, while on the other seller ebay allowed them to sell fake goods after blocking my account. I never was interested in selling on ebay as I prefer to have my own store, as I have a lot of self-respect ans well as respect for others. As a buyer from time to time i would be unfairly treated by ebay and finally i gave up buying on there.

  6. Thanks for the list. Some names are really unattractive to me, such as STORENVY, EALTBAY, OZTION, ECRATER, or BAY “anything”. My favourite would be Delcampe, since it has a lot of stuff that I collect (banknotes, stamps etc.)

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