eBay and the Chinese fakes

Someone noticed that it seems Chinese sellers seem to get away with listing fake items in among the other piles of £1 tat they flood the market with. Why does it seem eBay let it slide from the Chinese but not the local markets US/EU/UK sites, why does it come down so hard on sellers who may have made a little mistake in anywhere but China? Could the reason by that the Chinese sellers with there 1000’s of items per day are propping up eBay? or that there basically powerless to stop them in China (other than banning accounts and how long do you think it takes them to create 10 new ones?)

Anyhow was just thinking.

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ChiBay, faker than a PoundLand tan.

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Why does eBay allow counterfeit items to be listed?

Specifically, pretty much any Canon strap or case from China is counterfeit. They even have the Canon logo on them. Seems like Canon or eBay would crack down on this.
Personally, I know not to buy pretty much anything from China, but I’m sure most people don’t know this, especially considering the logo. The new thing seems to be even cloning the retail packaging.
I suppose the question is rhetorical, as I don’t expect any action. I wish there was a way to certify items like this for the unwary.

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For some reason, Ebay doesn’t seem to be as hard on the China/Hong Kong sellers as they are on local sellers (UK for me). They seem to get away with counterfeits, irrelevant keyword stuffed titles, plagiarized listing content, plagiarized photos. Local sellers who do this have their listings removed almost immediately, and rightly so.

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