eBay and the none paying bidder epidemic

In recent times the menace that is the none paying bidder on eBay has reached epidemic levels and continues to rise, the buyer has so much power with eBay they just don’t give a crap basically, since eBay removed the ability for sellers to leave negative feedback the problem got worse, here are some bits and pieces I found about this from sellers. Mostly from eBay’s own forums!

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Everythings on eBay!


What’s with all the non-paying people lately? In the past 2 weeks I’ve had 4.
Anyone else having this issue?


all the time up to 50 every year and it is getting worse,my thoughts block them in your block list


seems lately I have been getting more non payers….therefore I am experimenting more with BIN with immediate payment….


It’s getting to the point where it is not worth me selling on eBay anymore. The hassle with nonpaying bidders is just not worth my time anymore. I have had 32 non payers in the last couple months, 5 this week alone. I wish we could leave negative feedback I really do think it would help.


75% of my sales this week have NOT paid. When will eBay establish a SELLER protection plan?


I am on my 29th UPIC Since January!!!! They come in..Bid at last second..then oh well…I might add that I have also had more RETURNS and been scammed twice now w/out any recourse in the last 7 months too…oh..it had a scratch on it…..um..i had to cut these jeans and they dont fit well??? NO LIE!! lololoL~ Its hopeless peeps…sellers have no help and we lose daily..I can’t AFFORD TO SELL ANYMORE!! ;(


I’ve had a couple. And I have a feeling I have 3 more that I haven’t heard from yet. 0 feedback. They come in at the end of the auction, knock a serious buyer out of the bid and run. They’re coming out of the woodwork this week. I wish there was someway to find out their Paypal acct. e-mail address so I can catch-up with them and give them a piece of my mind. It’s a real nuisance. Then we have to open a unpaid item claim, and can’t sell the item till the claim is closed. Honestly, when I see a bidder with 0-10 feedback, I cringe.


I don’t sell a lot here but I’ve been trying to sell one item and had a non payer on the first attempt. Filed claim and then relisted. Had a winning bid that I have not heard from in a couple days after sending the invoice and a polite eBay message to. If this one does not pay, it’s going up for BIN and force pay.


I have a non paying bidder that has gone on for 15 days since the end of the auction. have contacted them twice with no reply so I opened up a case with eBay. I hope they do not think I am paying final value fees or anything else since no transaction took place.


These bidders who do not pay should be suspended for 3 months automatically the first time so they will see how much trouble it is when they do not keep their promises….. much like somebody we have had in office for 3 1/2 years!

I do not want to relist this item until the issue is settled, but time is just ticking away. There must be a way to have these items paid for the minute the bidder wins the auction, that would be a great system to put in place, just like so many auction houses.


These non paying bidders need some negative feedback at least.


Perfect post! Out of 11 auctions, 6 were 0 feedback ebayers who came in at the end. Of course, none of them payed :smileysurprised:(. I’m getting SO TIRED of this and I to cringe at the sight of a low feedback ebayer (newbies).


This past week I have had 6 Non Payers…4 that went all the way to a mark against them. But it’s sad that there is no way to let other Sellers know about these people. Most of the non payers had 10 or MORE buys. I think it’s changed a little. The newbie bidders are good for awhile…then get carried away with buying after about 8-10 purchases…


I had a big jump in non paying bidders as well, 6 in the past week


This is becoming an epidemic on here. I had 3 with the one item I was trying to sell. Everytime I relisted it from the first deadbeat bidder another would hit the BIN button and not pay ignore requests to pay and I had one guy threaten me because I called him out on not paying. Called me the broke ass desperate for money lol, and I was going to be sorry I every contacted him.As of this day I am still waiting for him to deliver on his threat lol. I refuse to sell anything on Ebay anymore. It’s a big joke to the deadbeat bidders. They know Ebay will only slap them on the hand and tell them they were bad.


Third non-paying bidder for me in 2 weeks – Ugh! I am DONE with ebay. They are so quick to take your money, but when you want them to help you resolve a problem they tell you that you have to wait 7 days.


I have had 2 in the last week.
Sick of it.
I believe it is a form of shilling or whatever you call it, people deliberately bidding to either get a bidding war going or to increase there own sales if listing a similiar item.


I’ve had 7 non payments the last 4 items i’ve sold. I can’t leave negative feedback, i don’t get it?


I agree. My last 5-6 auctions have been to non paying bidders. I’m so sick of this, I’m thinking of quitting EBay. They do nothing to help, then the non paying bidder gets a strike that others cannot see!

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