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  1. lol! I hate the new sign in and sign out thing, now you have to click on the thing wait for the box to pop up and then click sign out, maybe just me, but why are sites making it harder work to get where you want to go. I cannot even find half the pages I want in ebay settings, I have to google for them, I have a whole row of ebay bookmarks for pages I use all the time, simply because I cannot find them anywhere, ever in the ebays account section, or any other section.

    Couple years ago i kept reporting a bug in the emails they sent out, it had 2 fullstops in the link, so if it was a “pay for item link” it did not actually work. I can’t remember the replies I got from ebay support about it, but it was dumb! I think it took them 2 years to fix the issue. I have spotted many bugs on the site, I just don’t bother anymore!

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