eBay buyer and the soggy shirt

Found this strange eBay buyer, who actually wants to return a shirt to a seller because it “makes him sweat too much” I can’t figure out how the shirt does this. His had if for 60 days at this point too so there is that, and I am not sure sweating in it is a reason for a dispute but you know eBay buyers…

ebay returns dispute worn cloths shirt
eBay a work out in itself

Here’s what the buyer has to say :

“I know it’s been some time since I bought this but would you consider allowing me to return this shirt. I break out into a sweat when wearing this & this is not good for my health since I do have a heart problem. Thank you.”

Source :redd.it/1pnkzm


  1. That’s the on going problem about returning stuff. Its one thing to change your mind and return a item for a refund, but when the goods become second hand, its not new anymore, what’s in place to protect the seller from all this ?

    Goods should be returned in a as new condition, thats how it should be. Go buy a bag of sweets then return 50% of the pack for a full refund with the seller paying postage and refunding the initial post costs too. That’s pretty much how it all works.

    Then if the seller does not want to, you get negative feedback, ebay flames you for being a poor seller and suspends your account, and ebay take the money out of your account anyway.

    ebay probably will charge 10% for sorting out all the problems too soon.. can see that being the next ebay do to screw over the seller. Either the seller refunds 100% no questions asked, or feel the wrath of ebay, the buyer and get billed 10% for ebay to take money off you and refund the buyer on your behalf.

    1. PayPal already charge a “chargeback handling fee” (I have seen £6 and £12 fees on £5 items) so it will happen soon. I have another story here I have to put up where a buyer got a refund on a item he bought and used 75 days before he opened the dispute and eBay actually refunded him…

      I’m sure I read that eBay wanted to put in a system where if they refund the buyer and you don’t they try and recover the payment from you with added costs of course, that was a while ago.

      eBay just don’t read or care about there own rules unless it benefits them, the amount of times I have pointed out eBay’s rules plainly written in there help sections to there service reps and then either been told :

      (1) it does not apply in this case
      (2) cut off…

  2. It really is amazing on how companies can operate so badly and make so much money. I run a business (nothing to do with ebay) Work hard all the time and if I operated like ebay id be going bust in a few months.

    I guess the customer base for ebay is so large that as fast as sellers are leaving, new people are signing up. I think a lot of sellers have not realised how much they are paying in fees and time of late.

    ebay’s share price is almost down to $50 again, you can expect the next big 10% screw you over thing to be just around the corner.

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