eBay buyer behavior example

Had a interesting example of how eBay buyers generally behave these days sent in this morning. In this example a buyer is angry because the seller never left him feedback fast enough, so he leaves the seller a neutral and comment which hints at why, now anyone left selling on eBay knows the feedback system is badly broken and not even worth having its 100% useless it does not reflect and just does not work anymore. Oddly buyers still seem to think its a wonderful system I can only presume because there is no “negative” side for them.



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  1. This type of thing happens all the time. Buyers expect you to leave feedback with seconds of them leaving you feedback, even if they took 2 weeks before leaving it. Then they get moody for the sellers delay. I think most people have better things to do than sit refreshing the feedback page on the off chance someone left feedback.

    It also goes to show how that buyer even points out his methods in plain sight which is feedback extortion, a breach of ebays policy and yet again proves ebay do not enforce their own rules.

    Feedback is optional, its is not compulsory, that buyer seems to think otherwise, again, seller does nothing wrong and ebay allow the buyer to breach terms and trash feedback pages.

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