eBay buyer being harassed by a seller (eBay horror story)

A short story of a buyer who purchases a item, files a claim as its not as described, leaves neutral feedback and the seller starts harassing the buyer over it. Usually its the other way around with buyers harassing sellers, shows how bad eBays becoming and with eBay doing nothing about it, it will continue.

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I’m being harassed by a seller(s), are they allowed to pull this kind of crap?

So, I bought something from a guy because when I asked him questions through ebay messaging, he gave me wrong information. When I received the item, it was clearly not up to his description. So I file a claim and after much dispute he agrees to total refund (cost, and shipping costs both ways). Now it was a total headache to make him agree to this.

Usually sellers who are in the wrong provide a shipping label for you to you return, but this guy insisted I pay up front. So I did anyways, and returned it to him. So now after a couple of weeks, I’m doing my feedbacks and I give him a NEUTRAL because it was like a scenario from Dell CS.

Then all of a sudden, he retracts payment for the return shipping claiming “Item not received.” Keep in mind that I have all kinds of tracking on this and plenty of evidence, which is now already sent to PayPal and eBay.

Now my question is… are seller allowed to pull this kind of crap on buyers? That they provide a refund, only if you don’t leave ANY feedback? I feel like its some kind of extortion; they should be giving me a refund because they made a mistake.

Now this guy has given me a positive feedback with this message:

“OP” is a SCAMMMMMM… All Ebayers “BEWARE!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!


There’s another seller who shipped something relatively small and cheap (less than $5) from within the contiguous US that had no tracking. After 2 weeks of not getting the item, I asked him/her where it was, and he/she replied to just wait. So I wait until the final shipping date which was provided by eBay, now about a month, and still I receive no item so I open a case. I opt for still wanting the item, but the guy gives me a refund w/o any communication with me. So I’m pretty displeased now, as I’ve been waiting a MONTH for something that I can get faster from China.

So after a while, I also leave some neutral feedback on this guy and I receive this message today:

3) we give you 100% refund on one condition: you will never leave any feedback.

4) now we need leave feedback for you, please choose one: = “OP” is a SCAMMMMMM… All Ebayers “BEWARE!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!

^ that is what the other guy above left me.

or = If you repay good with evil, evil will never leave your house ( Proverbs 17:13 )

Is this legit/valid practice for sellers? I see this is terrible business practice.


  1. One of the problems is sellers can only take a couple of bad feedbacks a month before they can loose top rated status and 10% discounts etc. I have seen sellers basically paying buyers to remove the comments. I have seen buyers doing this on purpose to make money! You can’t blame the sellers for trying to comply with ebays stupid policy’s. Though, it is still not right, however you look at the problem.

  2. I too have seen sellers basically paying buyers to remove comments etc. there’s even Fiverr gigs where you can buy all good 5* feedback theres a big market for it now, the feedback system is broken badly.

    1. Sellers cant warn about buyer problems due to ebay preventing sellers form leaving anything but good feedback. Only option is not to leave feedback. The whole point of feedback as ebay say, is to make the community safe and secure. Even though 50% of the story can’t be told. Though thats old news now. Buyers got wise with scams and dont leave bad feedback now. So the scams have zero feedback from buyer and seller. Both profiles look 100% good and innocent and mass fraud can take place without anyone “outside” of the sale knowing any better. One of my buyers has got pages of “feedback revised”. all from bad too good. I contacted some of the sellers, and they refunded him, he got to keep the item, then got paid £10 to change the feedback. The problems are so complex now I just give up trying to keep track. “Safe and secure” is what ebay say.. they must have read it on some box they had delivered one day and decided it was a good phrase to use themselves…

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