eBay buyer buys book in 2009 forgets it never arrives complains in… 2013 :/

Only on eBay could you find someone who could buy a item, never receive it for what ever reason and then demand the book or a refund 4yrs later…

At least this ones honest…

Source : www.reddit.com/r/Ebay/comments/1cezv3/the_craziest_buyer_ever/

Mirror :

I got an email from a buyer who wrote that he bought his item “years ago” but has never received it. I thought he was being metaphorical but turns out he was literal. he he said that he ordered a book in 2009 and just now noticed he never got it and wants the book or a refund. I’ve been polite and told him that theres really nothing I can (want to) do and the book that he ordered I dont even remember. Well now for the last week he has mailed everyday demanding his book and my politeness has almost reached my limit. now he is threating that he ” will report me to ebay!” I think that window has closed a long time ago. has anyone have a story with something or someone like this? I have dealt with nuts in the past but this guy gets a gold star.

Only eBay could attract such a issue.

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