eBay buyer demands refund with a gun, old but still… (2005)

Stumbled across this old post from 2005 about a buyer who purchased some glasses on eBay was not happy so went round the sellers house with a gun (although it was in the car). The story’s quite old 2005 and I can’t find anymore on it, but the comments from other eBay users even in 2005 (there are some comments going up to 2013) don’t look too good, seems not alot changed then it just got worse.

Not as described, hand too big.

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Stalking Your eBay Seller Probably Not A Good Idea from the just-saying… dept

Hey, not every transaction on eBay works out the way the buyer and seller hoped. There are ways to deal with that in a civilized manner… and that probably doesn’t include showing up at the seller’s house with a gun (the gun was left in the car, he didn’t take it out) and angrily demanding your money back… especially when they already offered to send you your money back in the mail. However, that is apparently what happened. The buyer as so angry over the quality of a set of glasses that despite the promise to refund his money, the guy drove from Pennsylvania to Kentucky to demand $100 (the glasses had been sold for $59). The guy was later arrested and acquitted, but turned around and sued saying that his rights were violated. The court has mostly disagreed, other than to say that the police might not have had probable cause to arrest him in the first place.

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