eBay buyer returns a different item to what they bought.

More normal eBay user behaviour, buy a item and send back some other crap.


Long story short I sell motherboards and various computer parts, In my pictures you can clearly see the factory applied serial number labels and basically they returned a different motherboard than what I sent them. I uploaded pics of the different serials but eBay just closed the case in the buyers favor, no big surprise, but what is the best way I go about fighting this?

Source : redd.it/6dz1qe


  1. Man this “story” is tiresome. You would think after 10 years of this going on , ebay would have done something about it by now. Ebay have countless issues which still have not been fixed for years.. why should protecting the seller by high up on their to do list…

  2. I have read that in the USA the weight of the package seems to come up a lot in these disputes, but still eBay won’t see sense. If you sell something that weighs 10kgs and the return tracking shows it weighs 0.5kg you would think someone would realize whats in the box is not what was in the box to start with.

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