1. Its the classic problem with ebay not being able to warn other sellers of “dealings” with problem buyers. Ebay keep re-launching the report a buyer thing, I have reported 100s of buyers over the past year. Even knowing other sellers have done the same and 2 years on, the same buyers are still scamming the sellers. Reporting buyers for abusive emails is also common. Such buyers should get suspended without hesitation in my view.

    1. There was a site which listed bad buyers making a “blacklist”, I ran into a few of them but they all seem to die and no one updates them enough.

  2. I have seen blacklists, but the chances are the same sellers having problems with the same people is remote. It is so easy to buy from ebay as a guest for starters. Scammers have multiple accounts so not to make any one account look suspect. More to the point, the space to block buyers on ebay would be full up very quick. Would probably have to block millions of users. It just another stupid extreme sellers are having to go to in order to protect themselves.

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