eBay Law blog – Advice on how to go about suing eBay (US law mostly)

A blog titled “eBay law” gives lots of help and a run down on the procedures and steps¬†necessary to go about suing eBay and or PayPal, focused mainly on US law it seems, but still a very useful look at the minds (or lack of) that work (read sit around) in eBays offices all day long.

how to sue ebayebaylaw.blogspot.co.uk/ 


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  1. I sold acomputer to a guy who I have good reason to believe is buying computers taking the parts he needs and claiming SNAD. This package was reported damaged by usps. I got signature confirmation on it. I shared all my really good evidence off the scammer including another user that he was doing the same thing too at the same time as me. She ignored the evidence and told me I didn’t need to talk to him anymore she will close in my savory on friday. The day came and it ruled in his favor noter I am about to get a tampered with computer back and I made out clear why return wasn’t an option. It’s that beach off a verbal contract? It prevented me from coming to asolution better for me because now I’m just out of luck.

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