eBay seller sells a phone, buyer sends back different phone, still gets refund

Another common story, and very common with nice phones it seems. A seller sold a phone (a Nexus 4), buyer opens a case saying the phone he got sent did not work, buyer makes stupid threats (“I haz yo phone book!” basically), eBay sides with the buyer, the buyer sends back some piece of crap.

“So, as far as I can tell..you can buy something on ebay..say it’s not a described. Get your money back, take a shit in a box and send it back to the seller..and there’s nothing they can do.”

– The seller

Source :  redd.it/25cgnm

Mirror :

Sold phone..buyer opened case with eBay saying that it didn’t work..returned a complete different phone to me.


I auctioned off a Nexus 4..buyer opened a case shortly after receiving the phone saying that it didn’t work. I factory reset the phone before sending but he made a note to me saying “i have your contacts listed” as some sort of possible threat? eBay sided with him. I got a package today, and inside was an old shitty MyTouch Slide phone. eBay has already pulled his refund from my account. What do I do in this situation?

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