eBay sellers leaving a little more evidence (May 2013)

More and more people continue to leave eBay and who’s fault is it? well if you treat the people who pay your bills like crap what do you expect? I found a interesting thread that threw up some numbers and also pointed a finger at eBay “altering” pages to cover up facts? would they do that 😉

All aboard! the eTantic!
All aboard! the eTantic!

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Favorite Sellers Not Selling on eBay Anymore

Dear Ina,
Not a real big item but interesting change on eBay.

I have been a long time seller and occasional buyer. I have a list of saved sellers, for a couple of reasons. There are certain sellers I like to buy items from. There are also sellers that sell the same type of items as mine. I like to gauge my competition.

I have been selling since 2000 on eBay so my list of saved sellers was near 100. Until a few days ago if a seller did not have any items for sale a purple line would be underneath their handle stating they currently have 0 items for sale. I noticed that as of a couple of weeks ago 75% of my saved sellers did not have any items for sale. Lots of little purple lines.

Many with over 10,000 transactions. My sales have dropped dramatically with a decline last December. Normally my best month for sales. So I decided to check my saved sellers to see how many sales they had. Interestingly, the purple mark has disappeared and it no longer shows that a seller that has no items for sale.

It now appears everyone is selling away. However when clicking on the saved seller over 75% still did not have items for sale. A majority of these were high volume sales numbers. I believe that it was making eBay look bad with a majority of old sellers with stores bailing out.

One of the most interesting facts I noted on one of my favorite sellers. Last month a little over 10,000 listings. The number of transactions showing feedback came in at 299. I realize they may have had more actual sales as feedback does not show all transactions. However selling 3% of inventory is not a good ratio.

I mentioned it to an eBay rep while on a call concerning a different issue. He stated the fees would be more than the saved seller would sell!!!!!!!!!

He also stated it is not up to eBay to make sales for sellers. I have to agree they are doing their best on that.

Many sellers with huge feedback scores do not have any items listed.
Hope you find this interesting.

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This is no surprise. As with many times before, ebay will alter a page to hide the fact that sellers are not happy and have left.


And yes–I too have seen many many of my Saved Sellers have NO items for sale for quite some time–and when you go look at FB on other peoples accts you see the same endless numbers of NO LONGER A REGISTERED USER or if you see an interesting item or name and you click thru–poof!  Gone.


I had 100 favorite sellers saved  since 2002, in my seller account, in my purchase account I had another 100 sellers, I was surprised to see that in one of them I had to remove 93 sellers GONE! and in the other one 84 sellers no longer active, from fashion, media and electronics. What is worst, my competitors had 6 million listings in 2008, the whole eBay category where I sell, now, there is 290,000 items, down from 6 million, I had a good 200 strong competitors, today I have 22.  The main reasons?

A) Abusive buyers
B) eBay excessive changes & tricks
C) seller limitations


It certainly isn’t surprising to me that letter writer Paul is not finding a lot of his saved sellers since it has become increasingly difficult to be prosperous on eBay. Between rolling blackouts, directing potential buyers away from listings, higher fees, customer service reps who fail to provide customer service, and buyers who want everything for free, the frustration level of selling on eBay has to be at an all-time high and rising.

Congratulation for your bravery.

For those who are still here…

Since Cassini, businesses are now down 50%.

Thank you, greedy JD.  Why did you salary jumped 50%?


And are you surprised so many sellers have left? There’s just the normal number of busineses that quit (retirement, sickness, banruptcy). But combine that with a site as Ebay: insertion fees, selling fee, PayPal, ripped of by buyers, lack of visibility, immer declining profit margins, increasing workload to just add a listing and constant new rules with only one goal: punish you as a seller.

The biggest and best e-commerce site in the world in just 2 years transformed to a warzone. As a business you can’t plan your future, Ebay is constantly changing the goalposts. A product that sells well, can stop selling from one day to another. Not because it went out of fashion but because Ebay made the so maniest ”improvement” making your item – or even better – you as a seller completely invisible.


  1. Ebay have now a best offer beta in place. Basically a Buyer Can make a offer on multiple sellers and the fastest to reply gets the sale. At least that’s how it looks to me.

  2. It may or may not have its uses depending on how you look ak it. ebay change something every couple of weeks, its pointless in trying to keep up with it all. If anything sellers should be concentrating on actually selling items, not spending half the time trying to work out ebays “new changes” constantly.

    It is true though ebay are covering up all the problems. Enough people have seen it happen. I have seen all kinds of bizarre things going on. The only people left on ebay will be crooks, ebay leading by example of course.

    1. I haven’t used ebay for a while and I’m so disappointed in them, I believe you are sadly right about them covering up problems and it’s really close to the only people left are crooks, and yes, ebay leading by example!! I’m just trying to sell an iPhone something that I’ve done with my last 2 phones and it’s now a very scary business! I’ve already gotten a no pay and can’t leave negative feedback, that’s just stupid. This buyer found another phone for less after they won my phone now I’m left with the hassle of relisting and dealing with yet another bad buyer. After this, I think I’m just moving on, there are other places to sell.

  3. Ebay are made up of robots with Indian accents that dont under stand logic or Enlish and work only for buyer protection and just fucking could not give a toss about buyers.

    1. When eBay had customer service in Ireland it was bearable but now well… I’m sure they do it on purpose to get rid of you.
      I seem to recall calling PayPal once and I asked the woman where she was she said Philippines. Best thing to do if your in the right is start throwing eBay’s own help pages and terms at them via the web chat, they start to ask where did you find that? shows they don’t even read there own stuff.

      Personally I would just get out before its too late.

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