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Not had a update in a very long time, so time to start. Here are a few comments from a few random eBay sellers about eBay. One comment in particular stands out and thats eBay not following their own terms & conditions.



These comments were taken from a thread on a deals forum, ironically offering a eBay voucher.


“i hate selling on eBay. i will have issues so often with people who purchase my stuff. they’re either scammers, trying to get a freebie by saying they never got it, cancelling payments, cancelling bids or leaving negative feedback “just because”. sellers are at a huge disadvantage on eBay, a buyer only needs to say the box they signed for had nothing in it, then eBay take the money back off you. am i just unlucky?”

“Screenshot the T&C’s with these. I did the offer where you weren’t meant to pay more than £5 for selling an item. Followed everything they said. Got a bill for £35. After speaking to customer service they spoke about the T&C’s which had changed since I had agreed to them. Luckily had a screenshot so got a refund. Very sneaky.”

“I get them saying they never recieved even tho I have posted and sent proof of postage!! It really puts me off a selling.”


“No, it’s not just you. I sold a camcorder on ebay a few years ago and the seller claimed they’d never received it. I had proof of posting and the box had my return address on. Ebay sided with the buyer, even though I had proof of posting. The proof of posting didn’t actually help at all so I needn’t have bothered getting it. So the £80 I’d received from the buyer got taken back of me via Paypal, so I was £80 down AND I had no camcorder. Some people are just absolute ****.”

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  1. ahh the cycle of postage.

    Send items untracked, 50% of them “vanish” – Get punished by ebay.

    Send items tracked, 50% improvement on empty boxes arriving – Get punished by ebay.

    Tracked items get signed for, which still never arrived – get punished by ebay.

    Rise in postage costs going tracked due to fraud – get punished by ebay.

    Buyer leaves negative feedback due to high postage costs – get punished by ebay.

    It never ends. If ebay can’t fix fraud, how are the sellers supposed to ? ebay just continue to punish anyway until its fixed.

    Replace buyer and press any key…

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