eBay top rated seller clocks up 50 ish negative feedback in 4 days

Here is a example of whats going wrong with eBay, if this is what passes for a Top Rated seller/Premier service seller then well…

This seller has clocked up as of 11am 13/10/13 about 50 negative feedback with the average being about 8-11 per day every day for the last 3/4 days. The problem as one slighty p*ssed off eBay user told me is the seller listed a cd drive gadget at £5.99 posted, then refunded who ever bought it, relisted it at a higher price £7.99 (I think was mentioned) then expected everyone to pay the now increased price, of course eBay users are not so forgiving as this seller has now found out. Now the seller had sold 100’s of the drive at the £5.99 price thanks in part to the Hot UK deals site (it made the top on there) so I am sure he can be expecting a fair few more negatives in the coming days.

The requirements for Top Rated Seller sure are slipping these days…

Link : feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=cigbargain&ftab=AllFeedback&rt=nc&myworld=true


    1. From what I was told, the seller said they just can’t offer it at the original price to break even?
      I was also told the refund came within a hour.

      Surely they knew that when they listed it?

      Another part I found out about this was the drives in that particular listing where £5.99, but they had other listings up with the same drives at all kinds of prices so I am not totally sure what was going on.

      Either way I would say that account is toasted up to 51 negatives now.

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