eBay user horror story seller scammed for BlackBerry phone (24/05/13)

Another user scammed out of a favorite item for item scammers/abusers a Blackberry phone, high end electronics are always a favorite. This scam involved a PayPal dispute for “not as described” a mail forwarding company and the return of a cheap watch instead of the phone.

Source : www.reddit.com/r/Ebay/comments/1exxxs/ugh_buyer_is_trying_to_scam_me_now_have_to_deal/

Mirror :

So, I sold a Blackberry 9930 on Ebay a week or so ago. The buyer paid about a day later, with an address that had a # sign followed by a series of digits. I shipped it out as requested using USPS Priority Mail on a Saturday. On Monday it was delivered at 2:11pm, and at 2:45pm the buyer instituted a “Significantly Not as Described” PP dispute. His description was in Spanish, which translated meant that the phone was not working when he received it. Naturally I replied with a question about how it was not working, to which he immediately escalated to a claim. I responded by agreeing to refund the money if the buyer sent me the item back.

The next day, the buyer added a tracking number to the claim. I immediately checked it. Strangely, the number showed that the package originated in Hayward, CA, and I had shipped the item to Doral, FL (more on this later). I checked the buyer’s purchase history, and lo and behold, he had purchased a watch for $6.99 the day before and guess where it was coming from – Hayward, CA.

Today, I received the “return.” As expected, the package with the uploaded tracking number had the $6.99 watch, and had the buyer’s name and account # as the name with my address. After doing a little more digging, I discovered that the address in Doral, FL is for a mail forwarder commonly used in South/Latin America. So there’s no way my buyer actually got the item when it was delivered to Doral, but he was simply waiting to see it hit and then instituted the dispute.

I have saved PDFs of his purchases for the $6.99 watch and taken numerous pictures of the package received today as well as its contents. Is there anything else I can do? The buyer does not respond to any emails. I have another 7 days before I can report that I have not received the item, at which time I am sure Paypal will look at his tracking number and probably question why it says delivered.

I guess I have been lucky as this is the first time someone has tried to scam me on Ebay (I also don’t sell a lot). Any thoughts on whether I can do anything else? Should I just wait out the next 7 days, or should I be proactive and contact Paypal about what I received and the other scam-related issues?


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