eBay user story. Scam buyer signed for item still got a refund.

While Googling for something eBay related came across this post from 2013. Shows nothing has changed in all that time.


I had someone put a case against me after buying a yummy mummy bag, It was signed for but the seller said she didnt sigh for it it was her neighbour and she was never given the bag, Ebay sided with her and I was told to give her a full refund of £65 plus £5 P&P I told them I wasnt going to pay and to stuff it! I closed my paypal account and my ebay account and set up another ebay account using my OH name and a new paypal using our joint account!

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  1. Yes, Ebay sucks for sure. No wonder they are not doing any good. List an item and have one person look in 5 days!! Not good at all. Ebay is all about the buyer and just takes our money. I also had to refund a buyer who got a perfectly good item but claimed it didn’t work. Had a watch checked by a jeweler before listing but what the F, Ebay doesn’t care! Tired of Ebay and their ridiculous fees. They won’t be in business long at this rate!!!!

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