ebayblows.org – eBay/PayPal victim help site basically :)

ebayblows.org – A site rammed with some very useful information, he also has a YouTube video channel, they mention eBay running credit checks on new sellers for account verification I cant find any info on this yet but it would not surprise me. I was also told of this by someone else a few months ago who I presume heard it somewhere, be very interesting as to how and why.


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  1. Block eBay USER: javielpajarito

    Check out the negative feedback this joker has left poor innocent sellers who he has scammed. He claims he didn’t get the items he ordered, but from that many sellers. Then he asks them to send them out more free stuff. I am surprised eBay hasn’t kicked him off yet. Look at all the negative feedbacks he’s left other sellers. If you want to give away free stuff, he’s your man. Block him, especially if you are a high-volume seller. He seems to target mostly high-volume sellers who don’t take out tracking. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Just check out how many negs. he’s left others.

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