eBay/PayPal user horror story “iPhone scam” (24/05/13)

A eBay/PayPal user falls victim to the good old power of the chargeback which PayPal will do nothing about and even chase you for money that was never there in the first place, I am sure theres some kind of fee added on that these days too? Shows the so called “seller protection” is worthless all going on a buyers word. This story involves a iPhone a common target.

ebay iphone scam 2013 paypal chargeback fraud

Source : www.reddit.com/r/Ebay/comments/1ez7y2/is_it_really_that_easy_for_someone_to_scam_an/


Mirror :

TIL You can just go on eBay, buy an item (like the iPhone 4 I sold), pay by Paypal using a credit card, then claim the item was “not as described”, and get your money back and still keep the phone. Seriously, try it. eBay and/or Paypal does nothing. I sent a perfectly working iPhone 4 to this kid in New York, and all he has to do is say, “No, not as described” and viola eBay will judge based off his word. I sent them proof of shipment, proof of delivery, I have pictures of the phone working perfectly right before I shipped it, and still nothing. He didn’t even tell me what the problem was, he just said, “Due to the severe nature of the problem.” How ambiguous is that? I even asked him to send the phone back if there is a problem and I’ll refund him but it doesn’t matter because he was refunded anyway, and still has the phone. This is the most insane eBay/Paypal loophole in the world. What more can I possibly do? It seems the only way to get back is to do this to someone else cause hey, its that easy apparently.

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